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The 2022 Jessore Board SSC result will be published on November 28, 2022. Students from the Jessore board will be able to download the marksheet for the SSC results. On the website, our education minister, Dr. Dipu Moni, has released the results. Fortunately, this page allows you to check your Jessore Education Board Ssc Result 2022. 

SSC Result 2022

To find out your result, you need your SSC exam roll and registration number. The ssc result has been published publicly with those from other education boards in our nation. The passing percentage this year is 93%, which is extremely good. Now that the Jessore Board Web-Based SSC results are out, all candidates are eager to learn them. You may also get your results by SMS and an Android app, online.

SSC result Jessore Board 2022

The SSC/equivalent exam results for Jessore Board are now available for students studying business studies, humanities, and sciences. You may find out your Jessore board SSC result by using a quick technique.

A sizable number of students from the Jashore board took part in the exam. Their wait is now over since the result is live. You may be aware that the Jessore Education Board Ssc result have been published available on the website by the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh. Your results may be seen on the official websites and Dr. Dipu Moni gave the honorable Prime Minister the finished results earlier. She then gave the order to publish the result on the website.

SSC 2022 Jessore Board Result

On the first week of October, the exam was completed. Students believed that the last week of November would be when they would get their Jessore Board results. They were correct, as Dr. Dipu Moni said at a news conference that the results will be released on November 28.

The authority has a number of options for delivering the result. There are three options: online, SMS, and Android app. The most well-liked and convenient website is to check at the results online.

Both male and female candidates this year both scored well on the SSC exam. The chairman of the Jessore Board, Pr. Dr. MD Ahsan Habib is pleased with the overall result. This is due to the high amount of GPA-5 students this year.

SSC result for Jessore Board

SSC Result Analytics for the Jessore Board

179106 candidates in total.
Candidates: 91710 for men and 87396 for women
93.1% of students passed.
Submitted: 166730
Succeeded: 12376
GPA-5 overall: 16494 (7484 Male And 9010 Female)
Students were curious as to how to get their SSC exam results online. Here is the result for verifying each candidate’s candidate.

2022 SSC Jessore Board Result

1 lakh and 79 thousand students have registered for the exam as of 2022. They were able to pass 84764 male and 81966 female candidates. You can tell the difference between the 2022 Jessore Board SSC Result and earlier ones. The outcome for this year is superior to that of the previous five.

Additionally, this year’s GPA-5 score has been raised. In the SSC exam this year, 16, 000 students received an A+, which is greater than in any prior session. However, females are more likely to get a GPA of 5. But regrettably, a total of 12 000 students failed to get the required GPA 1 to pass. Ssc result 2022

The ideal technique to get your Jessore Board SSC result may be something you’re interested in learning. To inform you, the Jessore Education Board’s website is the greatest online resource. Your Jessore Education Board Ssc Result marksheet is available on the websites and To get your result, adhere to the guidelines provided.

How To Check SSC Jessore Board Result 2022 

Visit the websites or
Then choose SSC as the exam name.
Select the 2022 exam year.
Choose Board: Jessore
Choose “Individual Result” as the kind of result.
Put in your registration and SSC roll numbers.
Your result will then be shown for you.
This technology will allow you to access your Jessore Board web-based SSC result online. To check this result, use your computer, smartphone, or tablet. However, an internet connection is required. On the other hand, if you don’t have access to the internet, the SMS will enable you to learn the result. For students who cannot check their results through SMS, the SMS result is beneficial.

Marksheet for Jessore Board Ssc Result 2022

For sending SMS, you will be charged 2.44+ vat. To find out the Jessore Board SSC Result, send a message using your Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Grameenphone, or Teletalk SIM.

SSC Result Jessore Board Check By SMS

SPACE SSC JES – – – – – Space>your SSC Roll number 2022
this message to the number 16222
Your result marksheet is available for download online. You may view both your GPA and figures on the marksheet. Although you will get subject-specific GPA, you cannot receive your marksheet through SMS.

You may also receive your result in another method. You may search for your results by downloading the Android app from the Google Play Store. Although it is a simple result, the official website is the best place to check your online results.

SSC Results Jessore Education Board

It’s noteworthy to note that by utilizing the official website, you may find out your district-, board-, and institution-specific SSC exam results. To see your district-specific results, you must choose the ‘District Result’ result type. Select “Institution Result” to see all of your school’s results. However, you must supply the school’s EIIN number.

Now, students of the Jessore Education Board may get their results through SMS and the internet. Even though the result is live starting at 12 PM, getting the result marksheet online will take some time.

You could currently have your Jessore Board SSC Results. There are some students that failed the exam. If you fall within this category, you may submit a board challenge application for the subject you did not pass. The ssc exam result was provided to you here. Additionally, you may check the results of the board challenge on our website.

Jessore Education Board SSC Result 2022 

Jessore Board SSC Result 2022 with complete mark sheet download. The Jessore Board SSC result for 2022 will be published on November 28, 2022. simultaneously announce the 2022 results of other education boards. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Jashore is the official name of the Jessore education board. Journey of the Jessore Education Board by 1963. Are you searching for the Jessore board SSC result 2022 then? Don’t worry; with this post’s step-by-step instructions, you may simply get your SSC exam results from the Jessore Education Board. Due to the result that you may only see your grade point average for the first time before 2 PM. In other words, you may obtain complete results with mark sheets on this article the next day at 6 PM.

SSC 2022 Jessore Board Result

Hey everyone, how about the Jessore board SSC result for 2022? No need to worry; you’ve arrived to the correct location. 2022 was published quickly as a result of the SSC results for the Jessore board. Every year, when the 60 or 55-day SSC exam period has passed, the results are published. The SSC exam results, in my opinion, will be released simultaneously this year and before next. Then, describe how to check the Jessore Education Board’s SSC exam results online. How to check SSC result for Jessore board 2022 by mobile SMS, And how to use android apps to check Jessore board SSC exam results. then do the next action. How to quickly check the Jessore board SSC results.  

SSC Jessore Board Result 2022 

The SSC test is taken by at least 13 million students from all levels of Bangladeshi education each year. A well-known education board in Bangladesh is Jessore Education Board. 2019 had a total of 182426 students take the SSC exam. In the end, 165889 students passed out of which 81725 were students and 84164 were students. The passing rate is 90.93 percent.

When will the SSC Result Jessore Board 2022 be published?

The SSC Jessore Board 2022 results may be released on November 28, 2022. because the Bangladesh Education Board always announces the results of the SSC exam at the same time each year. For your SSC exam result Jessore board, you may thus follow this time.

How to check the SSC result for the Jessore Board for 2022 online?

After that, you may quickly receive your result by using the Jessore board’s collection of SSC results for 2022. You just need to carry out one easy step. Need a laptop or computer? Connect to the internet, then go to, the official website of the Education Board of Bangladesh. Check the SSc result 2022 for the Jessore education board now. Follow the next step if you are having a problem. Due to complete clarity, the following instructions.

Online SSC result check for Jessore Board 2022

Another student is checking their Jessore Board SSC results online for the first time. Because the SSC exam results are always released online first before being transferred to all education boards. So, use this to get your online result. Initially, a computer, laptop, or mobile device is required. Internet connection is required. You are unable to check your SSC result Jessore board otherwise. Open a browser now, such as Opera, Chrome, or Firefox. after URL bar Enter the domain name of the official education board website,, or our authority website,

Then choose Education Type such as SSC, Passing Year such as 2022, Board Name such as Jessore, Result Type such as Individual Result, and then enter your Roll Number such as (123456), Security Key such as (Fbsl), and then click Get Result.

Please be patient if your information is accurate.

Visit to Get your official result

Before 2:00 PM, the website only displays grade point results. As a result, you must have complete mark sheets, which you can check on the same days after 6 PM. You might need a Roll Number and Registration Number if you want to view the complete results on their website. The Total Grading Point for All Exams will be discussed next.

Total Number of Marks Letter grade for grades 80 to 100 5.00 A+ 70 – 79 4.00 A 60 – 69 3.50 A- 50 – 59 3.00 B 40 – 49 2.00 C 33 – 39 1.00 D
00 – 32
0.00 F

Result of the 2022 Jessore Board SSC 

The total grade point for the grading scale is 5.00 High and only passes with a minimum score of 1.00. 5.00 definitions Only a passing grade of 1.00 and a high overall subject result. The average subject mark system is used for other grades. Next, discuss How to check the SSC exam results for Bangladesh using a mobile SMS for the Jessore board.

How do I check the Jessore board SSC result for 2022 via text message?

Finally, we now offer a simple way for you to check the Jessore board SSC result 2021 via mobile SMS. You cannot check your SSC result 2022 online if there is no high-Level internet connection available where you are. For this reason, SSC Result 2022 by mobile SMS is a good option. then adhere to the straightforward format below.

Go to your mobile message option first.

Then type SSC, the first three letters of the board name, such as Jessore (JES), your roll number, and the exam year.
The most recent transmission was to 16222 SSC Result 2022 With Full Marksheet.
If you can accomplish this, Get your SSC result from the Jessore Board via return SMS in 2022.

An illustration is SSC JES 123456 2022 Sent to 16222.

It’s possible that each user will be charged 2.50 Taka for every completed SMS. Therefore, check your mobile balance first before sending an SMS on your smartphone. When the Jessore education board and other education boards published the SSC exam results online.

Where I Can Get My Jessore Board SSC Result 2022

We hope you will be able to check the SSC result Jessore board 2022 in this final article. Please comment below if you experience any issues with the Jessore board result check. I’ll reply to this post in the following replay. Additionally, you liked this article enough to bookmark it and share it with your friends.

On their official website, the Department of Education has posted the Jessore Board SSC 2022 Exam Result. On the website of the Ministry of Education, this result will be available to all Jessore Board exam candidates. Additionally, candidates for the Jessore board can access their SSC results via a mobile device by entering the proper board code. All Jessore Board students have access to the SSC 2022 results via the Ministry of Education’s official website or a method described on our website.

SSC 2022 Result and Marksheet for Jessore Board 

The SSC 2022 Result with Marksheet can be viewed without much difficulty by visiting the Ministry of Education website at and entering the candidate’s roll number and marksheet. The Jessore board exam candidates’ result and marksheet can be obtained by using the registration number and code. Students from the Jessore Board can obtain the results using the result outlined here in result to view the results alongside the grade sheet. How to view the Jessore Board SSC Result 2022 correctly. Candidates for the Jessore board exam should be able to easily access their results from this location.

SSC result for Jessore Board 2022 via SMS

What will happen if candidates for the Jessore Board SSC are unable to view the results online due to a server error or other circumstances? We have published a method for candidates to view the results via SMS on their phones here for their information. Jessore Board candidates can use this method to view the SSC 2022 results via SMS on their phones. In this result, Jessore board exam candidates will be aware of their average scores prior to receiving the results and marksheet. Here is how Jessore board candidates can check their SSC 2022 results via SMS.

By SMS, Jessore Board SSC Result Check

Candidates for the Jessore board exam can easily check their results via SMS using the code provided here. The SMS code for Jessore board results is listed below. Go to the SMS option first. If the Jessore board is available, candidates for the first Jessore board exam will need to sit in the first three letters of the board when they receive the SSC result via SMS. For instance, write Jes. SSC>Jes>roll>year and send to 16222 by placing the roll and year in the appropriate places if the board is Jessore. Candidates for the Jessore Board Exam will be able to view their SSC 2022 results in this result via mobile.

SSC Results for Chittagong Education Board in 2022

The Chittagong Education Board is an independent institution in charge of holding public examinations (SSC, HSC, and JSC). The start and finish timings of the courses are set. In 1995, the Board initially opened for business.

Results for the Comilla Education Board’s SSC examination

The Comilla Education Board, often known as the Comilla Board of Secondary Education, is responsible for overseeing the SSC examinations. Holding Secondary School Certificate Exam and SSC Exam result by Comilla Division’s 5 Districts. Comilla Board was established in 1962.

SSC Results for Dinajpur Education Board in 2022

Dinajpur is home to Bangladesh’s last education board. There is no internal server at the Dinajpur Education Board that would enable users to get the results through the Dinajpur Education Board’s website. I was in treatment for seven months. If you want to check your Dinajpur Board SSC result and any other public results, you can only do so at 

Get Dinajpur Board Result 2022

SSC Results for the Sylhet Education Board in 2022

Before seeing the Sylhet Education Board’s SSC results, visit the Sylhet Board’s official website to check your results. Visit the Sylhet Education Board’s official website, and you’ll find the Result Menu on the top menu. Only click the Result menu. Then, you’ll be able to rapidly check your results. Bangladesh’s Sylhet Education Board was established in 1999. They were abhorrent in their treatment of inmates. Find the Sylhet Education Board results here since they will be uploaded.

2022 Barisal Education Board SSC Results

The Barisal Education Board’s SSC results will be simultaneously made available through the Internet, SMS, and Android applications. The Board oversees the three important public examinations in Bangladesh. Method We evaluate the information on umbilical cord blood that has been published in the literature. You may check the Barisal Board’s official website at

SSC Jessore Education Board 2022’s final result

The Khulna Division Operation was initiated by the Jessore Education Board in 1963. You may check information about the Jessore Board on the official website. Similar claims have already overloaded insurance firms. The Board Control Related District SSC Result 2022 and HSC Exam Result As Well As JSC Exam Result. 

Gey Jessore Board Result 2022

Rajshahi Board SSC result 2022

Rajshahi Education Board’s SSC exam results You should read this article if you took the SSC Exam. Before taking the public test, each examinee must have a basic awareness of the Education Board’s numerous procedures for verifying exam results. Several fragile commercial enterprises have been saved by government financing. In 1961, the Rajshahi Education Board began operations. You may check the Rajshahi Board SSC Exam Results by following the directions for receiving SSC results online and by SMS on this page. 

Get Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2022

Result of Dakhil Board for Madrasah Education

The Dakhil exam is the SSC equivalent. The Dakhil exam is administered by the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board. You may check the Dakhil results by sending an online SMS. The cost of the mortgage depletes our financial resources. Although the Board was established in 1780, it didn’t begin working on its own until 1979. Cope was unable to discriminate between good and wrong, according to his counsel. Do you know that the SSC was the equivalent of the Dakhil exam in 1985? Where credit is due, give it. So, to find out the Dakhil Result 2022, check here.

SSC Vocational Result 2022

The SSC Vocational Exam is administered by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. BTEB.GOV.BD The SSC & Dakhil Results as well as the 2022 SSC Vocational Results will be made public at the same time. The attorney established his client’s innocence. Technical Education Board for Vocational Means To expedite and enhance technical education, the government has taken certain steps. 

SSC Vocational Result Check By SMS 2022 

The attorney established his client’s innocence. If you are a vocational student, you may still check the results like the General Education Board. Owners of minicars are upgrading to “real” cars. Millions of money are donated to political campaigns by special interests. Simply select the technical board when browsing the online results. How to Easily Earn Money Online as a Teenager Without a Job

Immediately access the SSC Vocational result through SMS.

Spaces SSC > TEC > 123456 > 2022 > 16222.

The exam, however, started on February 1st. This remark is a little bit ambiguous. On February 25, the theoretical exam was completed. The SSC Practical Exam was held from February 26 to March 4.

As a result, after completing secondary school, students take the SSC Exam offered by the Bangladeshi Education Board. In Bangladesh, there are eleven educational boards available for managing the SSC and Evaluation results in 2022. Teenagers’ easy Money Making Options

 Dhaka Board 2022 SSC Exam result

This brings us to the end of the article’s discussion on the SSC Result 2022. We really hope you have understood the information we have presented here. This summer, a folk festival will be held at the Arts Center. Do you have any questions, suggestions, or remarks about this article?  

Get Dhaka Board Result

Last Word:

If you have any queries, such as when the results will be published, don’t be afraid to inquire. All four of them claim that police personnel made up evidence against them. Add your Roll Number, Registration Number, and Board name in the space provided below if you’re one of the quick people who want to get your SSC Result 2022. There is no classroom; instead, students and an instructor speak on a conference call for around two hours each week. We are happy to let you know this. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with the result. We value your presence here.

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