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WAEC Result 2022 Download Now

WAEC Result 2022 Check has been published on this website. So, if you are looking for WAEC Result 2022 it is the right site. Here you can get your result very easily. So, do not waste your time visiting this site and get your result very easily without any problem. 

WAEC Result 2022 is out 

For all the candidates who took part in the WAEC exam, their results have been published on our official website today. So if you enter our website for website results, then you have entered our correct website. This is the official website for viewing our WAEC results. 
This content is very important for those examinees who do not know how to view the test results. Because they will be very useful to us in reading this content. We will discuss how the test results and the simplest and best of all the mediums that are available. 

How to Check WAEC Results with SMS

It is very possible to check your WAEC Result using SMS. Now we want to guide you on what you should do if you have decided to check WAEC 2022 results via SMS. Follow our instructions as outlined to you below:

  1. Using your mobile device, Type WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear
  2. Send to 32327
  3. You will receive a message instantly containing your WAEC statement of result. 

How to Check WAEC Result 2022

To check your WAEC Result, visit and log in. Please note: you may need a WAEC scratch card to check. Follow the procedures below to check your WAEC result 2022. Farthest Frontier Free Download For PC/Mobile and Android/Apple

  1. Login WAEC Result Checker Website
  2. Enter your Examination Number
  3. Select Examination Type e.g May/June
  4. Select Exams Year e.g 2022
  5. Click on Check Result. 

Check WAEC Result Without Scratch Card- Check Now 

If you want to see test results without scratch cards then you have entered the right website. The main topic of our discussion today is how to view test results without scratch cards and whether its rules are easy or difficult. Apart from scratch cards, there are other ways to see the results or we will discuss these issues. And we will teach you the simplest thing. 


How to Use a Scratch Card to Check My WAEC Results:

This is achieved through the online WAEC result checker portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your WAEC Examination Code, which is ten digits long. (For example, 4123456789 is your 7-digit center number followed by your 3-digit candidate number.)
  3. Enter the first four digits of your examination year, for example, 2002.
  4. Choose an examination form.
  5. The e-PIN Voucher Number must be entered.
  6. Enter your e-Personal PIN’s Identification Number (PIN). 

WAEC Result 2022

WAEC Result Check Link 2022 

Many candidates do not know which is the official website of the test results or which link to view the test results. So for those candidates who do not know which is the official website and through which link to see the results, today’s article is much more important. So you must read the whole article very carefully. 
Result publish date: 8th August 2022 /4 pm WAC 

WAEC Result 2022 Available

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has now made the WAEC results available to students who released the May/June 2022/2023 West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

When Will The Results Of WASSCE 2022 Be released?
Knowing that the issue of whether or not the WASSCE results have been released has been resolved. This article’s main result is to put students how to check their own results, which will end the refrain “I want to check my waec result.” 

Those who took the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for School Candidates, 2022 are thus notified that the results will be available tomorrow (Monday).

As I go forward, I’ll go into depth on how to check the results, and more importantly, I’ll disclose the performance rate.

2022 WAEC Result Statistics
The 2021 WASSCE for School Candidate’s results in statistics has been released publicly by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC). Gotham Knights Free For Download PC/Mobile & iPhone

He claims that a total of One Million, Five Hundred and Seventy-Three Thousand, Eight Hundred and Forty-Nine (1,573,849) candidates enrolled for the examination, and One Million, Five Hundred and Sixty Thousand, Two Hundred and Sixty One (1,560,261) candidates took the examination.


He explained that, of the total number of candidates who took the exam, “One Million, Three Hundred and Ninety-Eight Thousand, Three Hundred and Seventy (1,398,370) candidates, representing 89.62 percent, obtained credit and above in a minimum of any five (5) subjects (i.e. with or without English Language and/or Mathematics;

In a minimum of five (5) subjects, including English Language and Mathematics, one million, two hundred and seventy-four thousand, seven hundred and eighty-four (1,274,784) candidates, or 81.7 percent, received credits or above.

Although there were numerous difficulties in organizing, writing, and grading the exam, according to Meghan, WAEC deserves praise for announcing the results in less than 45 days.

A WAEC result example

WAEC Result Grading and Meaning
What I want to discuss in this article is the WAEC Grading System and how the examination sheet is graded. I am aware that many candidates planning to take the 2022 WASSCE are interested in learning how the examiners would score and grade them.

The fact is that you have to do well in each component that your writing subjects are broken down into. In order to understand the WAEC grading structure, you may also need to speak with your different subject professors, particularly if they serve as examiners.

75 – 100 ( percent ) – A1 70 – 74 ( percent ) – B2 \s65 – 69 ( percent ) ( percent ) – B3 60 – 64 ( percent ) – C4 55 – 59 ( percent ) – C5 50 – 54 ( percent ) – C6 45 – 49 ( percent ) – D7 40 – 44 ( percent ) – E8 0 – 39 ( percent ) – F9
According to the grading scale above, a candidate needs a score of at least 75% in order to get an A in any subject. You also need to understand how WAEC will grade your exam booklet if you want an A.

The WAEC Examination Sheet’s Marking Procedure
The grade you see in your WASSCE result was determined by the examiners using the marking system for each topic, which is available online. I shall describe how Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are graded for the purposes of this article.


Will I pass the WAEC mathematics theory exam if I correctly answer 3 out of 5 questions, a candidate questioned?

50 objective and 13 theoretical questions are included in the SSCE mathematics exam. There are two parts to the theoretical questions: Part I and Part II.

Ten questions in mathematical theory are given to you to respond to five in Part II and all of the questions in Part I.

The theory takes up the remaining 60% of the final grade, with the objective questions accounting for 40%. Therefore, you must respond correctly to 40 questions in the objective and at least 8 in theory in order to get an A. 

Now for the article’s primary result, which is to explain how to get your results online and through SMS.

How to Check WAEC Result 2022

You should be aware that in order to access it, you will need your examination number, the serial number on your scratch card, and your card’s PIN. Make careful you input all of your information accurately to prevent mistakes.


You may check your result on the WAEC site by following the steps below:

1. Go to to the West African Examination Council (WAEC) website.


2. Type in the 10-digit WAEC Examination Number. (This is your three-digit candidate number followed by your seven-digit center number, for example, 4123456789.)


3. Type your examination year in four numbers, for example, 2022.

4. Decide on the kind of examination.

5. Type in the Card Serial Number that may be located on the back of your Scratch card.

6. Enter your Scratch card’s Personal Identification Number (PIN).

7. After pressing “Submit,” wait for the results box to appear.

How to Use a Phone to Check WAEC Results
Send SMS using the following format:

1. WAECExamNoExamYearPIN

2. Use the 32327 shortcodes (MTN, Celtel & Glo subscribers)

3. Take this example:

4. WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2007

Please be sure to follow the format exactly as stated above. The message shouldn’t include any white space. Await the SMS delivery of your results to your phone. (SMS Only N30 Cost) Facebook VIP Account Bio, Stylish Bio 2022

Please feel free to remark in the problem below if you encounter any difficulties while trying to check your WAEC result online or through SMS in 2021. We are always there to assist. 

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