PRESTO Card CNE 46% Discount Code 2023

According to Metrolinx News, GO Transit makes it easier for guests to travel to the Ex and shows them how to save money.
Without the Canadian National Exhibition, the season just doesn’t seem like summer (CNE).

GO Transit is, thankfully, back this year, and, as it has been for decades, it is the best way to get to Exhibition Station.


Here is your GO to the Ex guide.


Think ahead.

Give yourself additional time whenever you visit the CNE. Buses, GO Trains, parking lots, and ticket booths will all be busier than normal, as well as stations. To prepare for your GO travel, use the trip planner.


Visit the GO website to learn more about transportation options to and from the CNE through Exhibition GO Station.


View of the CNE’s colorful rides and throng in its entirety.

When visiting the CNE, make sure to prepare in advance. (Image from Canadian National Exhibition)

PRESTO cards get discounted tickets and transportation at the CNE.

Enter your PRESTO card number online here to get discounts of up to 36 percent off Ex entry and up to 46 percent off pay-one-price admission and ride tickets. Reminder: The offer ends on August 18, 2023.


Soldiers’ Day

In honor of the Warrior’s Day Parade on Saturday, August 20, Metrolinx is providing veterans and one companion with free transportation on GO Transit and UP Express. Veterans are required to wear identification (medals, uniforms, etc.) that identifies them as having served in the military.


Weekend and Weekday GO Passes

The GO Weekend Pass is your best option if you’re planning a weekend trip to the Ex.


$10 One-Day or $15 Weekend Pass are available as options (valid for any additional holiday). But keep in mind that you can only purchase these passes online; you cannot do so at a station or with your PRESTO card.


At least five minutes before boarding, activate your pass.


Purchase a Weekend Pass here.


GO Transit now provides group tickets for unrestricted, all-day travel throughout the GO network during the week. Passes are exclusively sold using electronic tickets.



$30 for two persons

Three individuals, $40

$50 for 4 persons

$55 for 5 persons

Buy a group pass for the workweek here.


view of the CNE’s colorful rides and throng in its entirety.

Midway and Sky Ride at the CNE. (Image from Canadian National Exhibition)

Tap on and off using your credit card.

Your credit card, including those on your watch or phone, may now be used to pay for adult fares.


On a PRESTO gadget, just touch your card or mobile wallet. Don’t forget to tap off when you arrive.


Similar to a PRESTO card, each traveler will need to tap on and off for their journey using a different credit card or mobile wallet on their phone or watch.

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How Do CNE Promo Codes Work in 2023?


You must touch on and off in the exact same manner to pay for your fare. Tap with the same credit card to start and end a transaction. When tapping on using your phone or watch, touch off using the same device and the same card that is registered in your mobile wallet. This prevents potential fare payment duplication.


Purchase tickets and prices in advance.

Make sure to load money onto your PRESTO card before you arrive at the station if you want to use one. Using the PRESTO app on an iPhone or Android smartphone or online, you may rapidly fill your PRESTO card.


How about the children?

GO Transit never charges for children under the age of 12. Teenagers and post-secondary students who use PRESTO may also get fare savings.


Please choose a stroller that can be folded and stored conveniently while traveling with a stroller rather than a larger, wagon-style stroller. It is advised that no one with a stroller join the accessible coach (in the middle of the train).


Space is restricted since so many people use GO to go to the CNE.

PRESTO Card CNE 46% Discount Code 2022

Swing ride at the CNE as seen from a distance.

Tickets should always be ordered in advance. (Image from Canadian National Exhibition)

Pay Metrolinx a visit at the CNE.

The Metrolinx staff is thrilled to participate in the celebrations once again.


On the next three weekends: August 19–21, August 26–28, and September 2–5, check them out close to the Midway. CNE Promo Code 2023 Buy CNE Ticket with Coupon & Get Discount


Visitors will be able to tour a completely customized GO Bus on-site, and for the first time ever, the inside will also be decorated with the ceiling and back-of-seat decals.


Also, there to inform tourists of all the destinations GO can take on leisure trips and are brand advocates for GO Transit.


GO Bear wouldn’t miss the Ex, of course. Visitors may also participate in a “spin-to-win” game to win GO and UP-branded items including t-shirts, drink bottles, and more.

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