MT File Manager APK Download 2022 (Pro Mod Free Download) For Any Devices

Describe the MT Manager. Quick and simple editing of APK files is supported by the administration application.

A very flexible mobile application is MT Manager. It has the ability to manage your device’s files and make programs to all program’s APK files. Please read this brief review to understand a deeper understanding of each function and the many other fascinating consequences of MT Manager.

Manage the overall device architecture.

As soon as it is installed, MT Manager transforms into a quick and effective management tool that impacts both files and the device’s overall structure. You are free to copy and edit every folder without restriction, much like how a PC works naturally.

MT Manager will give you numerous options to engage with a range of content that was before restricted as a file manager that replaces the default one on your device. They might be software applications, unique file formats, or multimedia files.

Additionally, MT Manager now offers additional features like sorting and the ability to name shortcuts for files that are used often in order to handle all file types as quickly and easily as possible.

It may convert an APK file into source code using MT Manager Apk Vip. With this app, you may explore an APK file and extract photos. You may manage and edit files and documents as effectively and efficiently as possible with this app. The MT Manager app was created by the Lin Jin Bin Team. It is under the Tools subcategory. Its built-in editor makes it simple to edit APK files and meddle with other programs. For programmers who only work code for mobile devices, this application is a fantastic option.

Using the Mt Manager app, edit an APK file

One of the most potent and useful tools for editing, hacking, or changing APK files. You may change an APK file to increase an app’s resource level, increase your ranking, and do other things. You may work from your smartphone with this application. Both an APK editor and a powerful file manager are included. Android OS uses the “APK” file type to install software and applications that are still under development.

On a tablet or a phone, respectively. An encrypted collection of data stored in external memory is referred to as a file. It is used to manage files, edit text, change software, and translate programs. The application allows you to copy, move, or delete files. You may access the system folder if you have the root MT privilege. Without having to first decompress or repackage, WinRAR ZIP files may be moved, removed, added to, or replaced.

MT File Manager Interface

The MT Managers interface is incredibly simple to use. On your Android phone, this app’s easy user interface will make it simple to use. It’s simple to use this app. On an Android device, you have access to all of MT Manager’s features. The simple layout of MT Manager makes it a user-easy Android app. On every Android device, this app will work without any issues. On your tablet or smartphone, all you need to do is download MT Manager.

APK MT Manager

To get the maximum performance out of every APK file or application, MT Manager provides users with a wealth of help. Linking to cloud storage or backup storage includes under this category. Instead of downloading everything at once, it makes the transfer of documents and content simpler. Through this application, they may transmit content to other users or addresses as well as upload content to the cloud servers.

MT File Manager Overview of the VIP Premium Plan

You may manage files, edit Apk programs, and update them with the help of VIP features.

The Featured includes the following features:

For certain sites, support portrait mode; FTP client – the program that service users use to connect to the server – The client may carry out file operations with this capability, including uploading or downloading files to the server, editing or removing files from the server, and more.

Features of the Mt Manager App

The Applications origin file may be used for a variety of things. The Mt Manager features shown below will let you edit the file.

Select the APK file you want to edit.

Managing files by copying, moving, and deleting them. You have access to the system directory if you have root capability. You may modify permissions, change the owner, and remount the file system in read-only mode.

APK files may be chosen straight from the app as well.

An Autorun Manager is included in the app.

Additional features include APK Permission Removal.

Data for an optional built-in hacking app

You may modify any file in the app using APK Editor.

There are several powerful APK editing tools available, like the dex editor and Hex editor. Apps may be translated, signed, optimized, cloned, devoid of signature verification, and confused using APK resources.

Script execution software, a text editor, an image viewer, and a music player. You may examine the FTP connection, storage device, bookmark, backdrop, tools, and a variety of other functions in the sidebar.

File Management for APK

If you like, you may use MT Manager as a simple file management tool. All of the necessary file management features, including copy, move, delete, etc., are available in MT Manager. The sophisticated features of this file manager app include viewing the system directory. You can change the owner of a file, change the permissions, and read/write on it. Both a basic and a sophisticated file manager app may be utilized with MT Manager. You can access a lot of helpful features with this app on your Android phone.

Summary of the MT Manager Application

You may download and install the amazing Android tool MT Manager VIP on your phone. You may easily edit any APK file or use any app to access the data. It’s free to download the tool.

There are several uses for the application. In less than a minute, you may use the application to modify or hack the data of Android games (mainly the resource value). Users who are rooted may also access MT Manager, a fantastic app for accessing the app data of games and applications. Devices that are not rooted may also use it. For maximum app functionality, root access is required.

APK MT Manager

The changelog for a new version

By holding down the icon in the Open Method dialog box for a long time, you may change the default opening method for files with the given suffix.

Batch deletion using Dex++: Single-click option.

The code flow chart may be scaled up to two times its original size.

An updated resource-building program is now available in the app. If your Android operating system is more recent than the 5.0 Lollipop, this software will work more quickly.

In the previous edition, string errors were discovered. The latest XML sterilizer has fixed these string-related problems. 

MT Manager APK Download New Version 

The settings for the overwrite option had some problems. These issues have been fixed.

The latest version of the MT Manager app to download. You are the one searching for a tool to assist you in effectively managing your phone files, right? Or do you want to know what tools you should have on hand to help you edit the APK files for greater functionality?

I’ll give you the name of an application today that will easily allay any of your concerns. Additionally, it will assist you in managing and editing your preferred files or documents as proficiently and cheaply as you can. The Lin Jin Bin family is the creator of this application, which goes by the name of MT Manager and is under the genre of Tools.

This whole post will assist you in comprehending what MT Manager is and how it may assist you in selecting the best application to meet your demands. 

MT Manager Pro APK Download

MT Manager is nothing more than a file manager with APK functionality (and the contents in the specific application). It is a special application that operates differently from all other alternatives that use APK files.

Unlike other PK tool-based editing programs, the MT Manager app does not totally decompile the.apk files. You must open the.apk file and choose the editor or translator mode in order to work with or decode the application with a user or system application. Open classes.dex (.smali) if you need to edit the application code; if you need to edit resources, open resources. arcs (string, array, color, etc.) 


The batch is fully customizable, and you may rename its name. You are free to maintain the name you like.

Authentic APK

APK cloning (two versions of the same application)

APK optimization

Editor XML

Editor at ARSC

Editor, DEX

Editor for text (search, replace, filter)

View pictures

Taking in music

Modification of Permissions

A root browser

Browse Fonts

execution of a script

Work ZIP to compress, decompress, and update data.


View, modify, remove, or add classes, methods, domains, and constants

Here are the key features of this MT Manager APK with full explanations:

File management options include moving, copying, and deleting files. You must use the system directory option in the file manager, remount the file system as read-write, and then modify the file permissions as the owner to give MT Manager APK root access.

Open the ZIP file, which resembles a WinRAR file. You may unzip ZIP files here as well as delete, rename, add/replace, move, and cut external files into ZIP files without decompression or repackaging.

The sidebar of the text editor makes it simple to examine the storage device, FTP connection, bookmark, background, tools, and other functions. It also has an image viewer, music player, font previewer, script executor, text contrast, and other features.

This application known as MT Manager APK is held together by several powerful and fantastic APK editing features, such as the dex editor, arsc editor, and an XML editor. You may also use other applications such as sign APK, optimize APK, and clone APK, which have the same features as this app with removing signature verification, confusing APK resources, anti-confuse APK resources, and translation programs. 

MT Manager APK Uptodown

It is a very powerful document manager and APK editor that you can use to do many tasks on your phone, including managing documents, improving software, translating applications, editing text, etc.

This MT Manager app’s main features include: – File management, which includes document copy, moves, and delete. You may get access to the device directory, remount the document device as read-write, change the document permissions, and/or act as the document’s owner if you want to perform an action or provide root power to the MT Manager app. Use WinRAR to open the ZIP file.

You can decompress documents within the ZIP file as well as delete, rename, move, add/update external documents without decompressing and repackaging, and add/update external documents to the ZIP file using this app. 

MT File Manager APK Download 2022

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Text editor, image viewer, content player, font previewer, script executor, text evaluation, and other features; within the sidebar, you can easily examine the storage device, FTP connection, bookmark, backdrop, equipment, and so forth.

Numerous efficient APK altering features, including an XML editor, dex editor, and arsc editor. You can also translate an app, optimize an app, clone an app, remove signature verification, confuse an app resource, unconfuse an app resource, and sign an app.

We’ll examine the main features that are thought of as this app’s benefits. For any rooted device to change or move the enclosed files, MT Manager APK is a required app. You may download the MT Manager APK from our website, which has been used successfully by many users from around the globe on a variety of devices.

MT File Manager Root Access

You have the option to enable root in MT Manager APK. Only premium or VIP users of this application have access to this. Before using this root access, you must make a payment if you want to buy this application. In a rooted Android device, root access is important. You may quickly get access to the root directory with this app. At VIP access, the MT Manager APK is unlocked, and all features are free for no cost.

MT FileManager Editor, XML

MT Manager Pro Mod Apk enables you to edit.xml files on your Android device using XML Editor. This app has a good option called XML editor. Many men who work with.XML files want this kind of app. When opening or editing files, this app runs smoothly and without latency. Download the MT Manager Pro Mod Apk if you need an an.XML editor.

MT File Manager Unzip the files

These days, for Android devices, zipping and unzipping folders is quite important and handy. I can unzip and zip files using this app, which is a verified application from the Google Play store, without any issues. I am aware that the most recent smartphones and android devices have built-in zip extractors, however, they are unable to extract.rar files (will be in this format for most of the files). For all users of Android devices, the MT manager APK is necessary. Similar to Zarchiver, it can quickly extract any file name. This application works well and makes it good to quickly unzip files.

MT File Manager Change the APK resource

If you make mod APKs and other projects for android-based applications, you are an app developer. Then you can edit your Android resource files using this application or tool. Even if the files are difficult to decode, MT Manager makes it simple to edit and unzip the files. Files called classes. dex is simple to extract. The key benefit of utilizing this app is that we can use an XML editor to unzip the files, as was previously mentioned. By using the XML editor option, you may also change the XML files. This app is good and offers a lot of advantages. The ability to edit or change an Android apk’s resource is a feature I enjoy in this app.

How to Download the Android MT Manager Apk

You must download the download link in the option below if you want to get the most recent version of MT Manager Apk. Your internal storage will be downloaded with an APK file. You must install the MT Manager app after downloading it. To install the APK, follow the steps listed below. To prevent inconvenience, I recommend you follow the step-by-step process.

App name: MT Manager

Version V3.0

App size 9.2 MB

From Android 5.0 and Up

Creator MT Manager


How to Install the Android MT Manager Apk

The MT Manager Mod APK Latest Version is available for download from the link mentioned above. To get all of the aforementioned features, we strongly advise using the most recent version of the MT Manager. To enjoy the editing experience on your Android device, just follow the steps mentioned below in the correct sequence. Let’s begin the steps. Please continue with the application at your own risk if you are aware of the APK installation process on your device. However, before clicking it, I recommend all users read the terms and conditions and accept them. 

Open the Settings app on your device, select Security, and then turn on Unknown Sources. You can easily install the APKs to your device by allowing this to happen. The installation of APKs from the internal storage requires this activation. If you immediately install it from the Play store, there is no need of doing this. Unfortunately, the Play store does not have this app. Therefore, you must definitely activate this option. EA Tetris Game APK Download Free For PC/Mobile Android/Apple

MT File Manager APK Download 2022

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Install the APKs, followed the on-screen instructions, and then patiently wait for the process to be accomplished.

If the message “Allow from this source” appears on your screen, accept it to ensure a trouble-free installation.

After installation, open the MT Manager App and grant Storage Permissions.

To accept the terms and conditions and app rules, tap the Accept button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

The app has now been successfully installed on your device. With this application, you may now enjoy the advantage of all the features mentioned above. Nintendo Switch Games Free Download For Mobile/iPhone Or PC

How to download and install the MT Manager app on a PC running Windows 7,8,10

I’ll walk you through the download and installation process for Windows or a PC now that we’ve already covered how to download the Mt Manager app for Android devices. For Windows 7,8,10, the MT Manager app is not officially available. This indicates that the Mt Manager program (exe file) is not accessible, however, it is still feasible to use an Android emulator. Tower of Fantasy Free Download For Android/iPhone, Mobile/PC 2022


Android emulators are essentially simply a way to install Android applications on a Windows computer. You may download and install Android applications there on your computer. There are a lot of Android emulators on the market. But just a small percentage of them are working correctly. The blue stacks, menu, and any motions are my recommendations. For any Windows machine, these 3 emulators are good. I’ll provide you with the instructions for using Bluestacks to install MT Manager. Read More…

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