Most Top Sexy Hottest Female Soccer Players In The World 2023

Even though men’s football receives most of the attention, it’s always entertaining to watch the amazing game and ogle the beauty of the hottest and strongest female football players at the same time. Football and beauty may become the best of friends, as female players are living presence of.

The ten hottest female football players in the world are Alex Morgan, Jordyn Huitema, Ana Maria Markovic, Lauren Sesselmann, Sofia Huerta, Jackie Groenen, Norma Palafox, Alisha Lehmann, Morgan Reid, and Poppy Pattinson.

Athleticism, dedication, and bravery on the field are essential components of football. One of the most well-liked sports in the world is it. When beautiful individuals combine their elegance and talent to play the most popular sport, it got even more intriguing. It’s difficult to imagine that women have just recently been permitted to play professional football—a little over 20 years. Here is a list of the ten most popular female football players, in order of hotness:

Women’s football, long despised and even mocked, is becoming a more substantial and well-liked sport on a worldwide scale. The presence of some of the hottest female soccer players in the world pulls the cameras to this game in addition to the talent and skill on exhibit.

These are the sexiest female footballers in the world right now, and their exceptional skill sets and incredible achievements are complemented by a sexy drop-dead physical appeal:

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1. Alisha Lehmann

Swiss nationality

Alisha Lehmann is the hottest female football footballer in the world, with highlight reels that have mesmerized fans of the game beyond her kicking and dribbling skills.

The Bern player, who was just 23 at the time of publishing, has the most Instagram following of any athlete.

The Swiss international with over 26 caps and Aston Villa midfielder is on the verge of reaching the historic milestone of 10 million Instagram followers as of May 2022, making her the second-most followed Swiss athlete on the site, after Roger Federer. This solidifies her reputation as the sexiest sexy football player in the world.

2. Sydney Leroux 
American Hottest Black Female Footballer
One of the sexiest female players in the world is Sydney Leroux.

In addition to being one of the sexiest female football players in the world, Sydney Leroux also has one of the most athletic bodies, as seen by the images on her Instagram account, which is linked above.

When the Canadian-born striker, who plays for Orlando Pride, resumed training at five months pregnant in March 2019, it set up a social media frenzy.

A month before the competition, Sydney Leroux kept up her fitness with workouts that excluded ball contact in order to keep her title as the second-hottest female soccer player in the world. Her performance thus caught the attention of other players, particularly her teammate Alex Morgan.

3. Laura Sesselmann 
Canadian nationality

It is challenging to feel difficult by Lauren Sesselmann if the 2014 film Dark Awakening was meant to do so. The actress, who played football for Canada’s national team from 2011 to 2015, played Faith in the horror/thriller, a part that was too uninteresting for one of the world’s hottest female soccer players.

Sesselmann, who presently plays for the Santa Clarita Blue Heat in the W-League, participated in the 2015 World Cup at the 2012 Olympic Games.

The stream of highly sexy photographs on Lauren’s social media timeline, which is linked above, completely matches her on-field accomplishments and has cemented her place among the sexiest female play players in the world. 

4. Adriana Leon is a Canadian national.

One of the sexiest female football players in the world is Adriana Leon.

Adriana Leon is a winger with excellent one-on-one skills and speed who isn’t afraid to annoy her opponents.

On the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup website, Adriana Leon, one of the hottest female soccer players in the world, was described in this manner. Just six months later, the sexy footballer’s brace helped West Ham defeat Liverpool by a score of 4 to 2 in the Women’s Super League. She is among the most sexy female football players in the world in addition to being a skilled player.

5. Alex Morgan 
United States of America
One of the world’s hottest female soccer players is Alex Morgan.

With victories in the French League, the Champions League with Lyon, the Olympics, and the World Cup with the United States, Alex Morgan, 33, has one of the most impressive footballing résumés in the current women’s football.

The American felt compelled to put her career on hold in favor of motherhood for the first time after winning her second world title in July 2019.

Today to be one of the most successful and wealthy female football players in the world, Alex Morgan is also one of the hottest. 

6. Alexia Putellas Spanish Nationality
One of the world’s hottest female soccer players is Alexia Putellas.

Spain was without a doubt the competition’s breakout star, even though Spain lost to the United States in the 2020 edition of the She Believes Cup competition between four countries.

The game-winning goal was scored by Alexia Putellas, a member of Spain’s national team since 2013, and it helped the country achieve second place.

Famously named the European U17 champion, Alexia Putellas is one of the hottest female footballers in the world and now plays for FC Barcelona, the premier team in Spain. She is also the current winner of the women’s Balon d’Or. 

Most Top Sexy Hottest Female Soccer Players In The World 2023

7. Juliette Simic
Identity: German

When she and several of her fellow German teammates were featured in the famed Playboy magazine in 2011, the 32-year-old German Julia Simic garnered attention for reasons unrelated to football.

The racy picture at the time caused a lot of controversies, yet it never stopped the German from having a great career.

Simic is now free to pursue other careers that would build upon her reputation as one of the hottest female soccer players in the world because she is already retired.

Julia Simic is a seductive women’s footballer player with one of the most endearing grins in sports. 

8. Kosovare Asllani Swedish nationality

Although Kosovare Asllani denies it, there are some similarities between her and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, starting with the fact that the 30-year-old has also represented Paris Saint-Germain. This comparison has been made to Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a long time.

Before CD Tacon and Real Madrid, Women’s Football merged, the Swede had been playing for CD Tacon since the summer of 2019. She still does.

One of the sexiest brand ambassadors and sexiest female football players in the world is Kosovare Asllani. 

9. Toni Duggan is an English national.
One of the world’s hottest female soccer players is Toni Duggan.

Everton, the women of Manchester City, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and then back to Everton… Toni Duggan, who is 31 years old, has undoubtedly seen the heights of football.

Duggan, a sexy women’s football footballer through and through, started playing the game at an early age and has been a part of the Three Lions since 2012, earning 69 caps and scoring 22 goals.

She is among the hottest female soccer players in the world and maybe the most well-liked women’s footballer player in the United Kingdom. She spends a lot of time showcasing her beauty on her many social networks.

10. Australian nationality of Kyah Simon 

One of the sexiest female football players in the world is Kyah Simon.

Since 2007, Kyah Simon has played for the national team in over 100 matches and scored 26 goals. She is recognized as one of the hottest female footballers in the world. Auto Insurance Quotes – Cheap Car Insurance


The Australian is now proud to see herself as a role model for tens of thousands of young Australian women thanks to her aboriginal today and very successful career. Mortgage, Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates, Bank Of America Mortgage Rates

11. Hope Solo American nationality

One of the sexiest female football players in the world is Hope Solo.

It is difficult to imagine how successful the US Women’s National Team would be without Hope Solo. The former goalkeeper retired in 2016, yet she is still regarded as a standard in women’s soccer.

The sexy female footballer player gave birth to twins, Vittorio and Lozen Stevens, on March 4, 2020. This stunning female football player, a 2015 world champion as well as an Olympic champion in 2008 and 2012, is wed to NFL standout Jerramy Stevens. What Is A Network Firewall And How Does It Works

Hope Solo was the subject of a scandalous celebrity picture leak in 2014 as one of the hazards of being one of the hottest soccer players in the world.

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