iPhone 14 y Apple Watch: Conoce precios y nuevas características que no ‘emocionaron’ al mercado

This past Wednesday was a “retread” day for Apple as it unveiled its newest products, including the AirPods, a new range of Apple Watches, and the latest iteration of the company’s “Estrella” product, the iPhone 14.

The iPhone is one of the Cupertino company’s “pillars” of revenue since it is estimated that sales of this device would bring in more than 183 billion dollars in revenue for Apple in 2021.

These were the real-time updates:

How much will the new iPhone 14 cost in Mexico?

Start keeping accounts… The prices for the products that were revealed during the “Far Out” event have already been published on the Apple website in Mexico. They are as follows:

iPhone 14 Pro: starting at 25,999 pesos

iPhone 14 Pro Max: starting at 28,000,000 999 pesos

iPhone 14: starting at 20,000,999 pesos

iPhone 14 Plus: starting at $23,999

Apple Watch Ultra: Starting at 19,000,000 999 pesos

Apple Watch Series 8: Starting at $9,500 (GPS) or $12,4799 (GPS more mobile)

Apple Watch SE: Starting at 6,499 pesos (GPS) or 7,899 pesos (GPS more mobile).

El iPhone “de lujo”

Apple also unveiled its newest high-end smartphones, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which provide a novel way to interact with your device.

iPhone 14 Plus Price In Mexico 

Are you one of those people that receive a ton of notifications and applications and get “bolted” while interacting with them? The company unveiled Dynamic Island, a new interface for the iPhone that enables you to manage the contents of your phone without leaving the applications. Additionally, each notification will have its own “proper personality.”

The 48-megapixel cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available in four colors: black, gold, silver, and dark purple.   Apple iPhone 14 Release Dates & Colors

The edges of the higher-end iPhone models are longer, giving the user a larger screen (of 600 nits) for their activities.

The ordering of televisions will be able to begin on September 9th and distribution will begin on September 16th. The starting price for the iPhone 14 Pro will be $999, while the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be $999. Mortgage, Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates, Bank Of America Mortgage Rates

And the iPhones arrived: Apple unveiled the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The first phone’s screen size will be 6.1 pixels, while the second phone’s screen size will be 6.7 pixels.

A better selfie camera will be included in the next iPhone, the TrueDepth Camera, which will enable better photos even in low-light conditions.

The 12-megapixel camera in the new models allows for a 49 percent improvement in light capture.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus will be available in 5 colors: Midnight, Starlight, Purplish, Red, and a brand-new shade of blue.

One of the changes is that the Crash Detection feature, which was previously only available on the Apple Watch, will be included in the iPhone 14.

The retail prices for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus will be 799 and 899 dollars, respectively. Both phones will be available for pre-order starting on September 9th, but they will ship at different times: the iPhone 14 will ship on September 16th, while the iPhone 14 Plus won’t ship until October 7th.

The ultimate Apple Watch among all Apple Watches

The company unveiled the Apple Watch Ultra, its most ambitious update to its smartwatch.

Made from aerospace titanium and crystal, the Apple Watch Ultra has the largest screen ever used in one of these devices, with 49 million pixels.

In order to explore the most remote and abandoned areas of the Earth, Apple highlighted the watch’s battery life, which can last up to 60 hours.

One of its features is an action button (which you won’t be able to miss because it will be orange and fairly visible on the watch’s band); another, more powerful button for calls or outdoor activities; and three different types of correas, depending on the activities you envision using the Apple Watch Ultra for.

The new watch will retail for 799 dollars and be available beginning on September 23.

Hello, Series 8 Apple Watch

The first item shown this Wednesday is the updated Apple Watch, whose main improvement is a temperature sensor, enabling it to become “the last device for a healthy life.”

The company put emphasis on how this characteristic would help users better take care of their health since, according to the company, temperature sensors will enable them to understand their ovulation cycle in detail.

Crash Detection (Detención de accidentes) is another function. The device will display the message “Seems like you had a crash” if it detects that the user was exposed to abnormal force, prompting the user to call emergency service and connect the people with their emergency contact.

After a full charge, the new Apple Watch’s battery will last up to 36 hours. The new device will be available in four colors: Midnight, Starlight, Plateado, and Red.

Apple said that the new smartwatch would have two prices (399 and 499 dollars) and will start to be distributed on September 16th. Gotham Knights Free For Download PC/Mobile & iPhone

Apple wants to accelerate iPhone production.

For many years, the company has used China as the primary factory for its “product star.” But since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Asia has been one of the nations that have been strictest about enforcing restrictions to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, which has hurt the output of companies like Apple.

Therefore, for the iPhone 14, Apple will look to India to speed up the production of the device and reduce the amount of time it takes to build. GTA 5 Free Download For Android iPhone MacBook or Computer – Grand Theft Auto VI

Where can I see the presentation?

As in previous instances, Apple will stream the event live on YouTube at the following link. The “Far Out” event starts at 12:00 p.m. local time in Mexico City.

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