Holly Willoughby Jumps Into Bed With Famous Footballer In Hilarious Prank By Michael McIntyre Watch Full Video

After taking part in an Australian reality TV series where Onlyfans models worked on the field, Jessie had her eyes set on eccentric farmer Will Young, 23, who is 23.

“My ambition is to have a large farm with six or seven children,” she stated.

“So Farmer Will definitely piques my attention.

I’m not a very good farmer. I tried my hand at it, so now I can act like a competent farmer.

“I do, in fact, find Farmer Will interesting.

“I’m an Australian rural girl, so conversing with others who had a similar upbringing would be fantastic.

Jessie has raved about her love of roast dinners and her preference for British gentlemen.

The personal trainer said: “The British accent is really beautiful.” She joked that she’s “a little bit of a wild kid.” “

I could spend all day listening to British folks talk. I love British humor.

“They love enjoying themselves.

“I’d love a Sunday roast if I ever go to Britain again.

“I want to ride a red bus, see the sites, and engage in typical tourist activities like visiting London Bridge and Buckingham Palace.

“I need a tour operator.

In 2019, Jessie made an appearance on the Australian edition of the program. She dated four guys before being rejected on Day 34.

She has a well-liked Onlyfans account where she shares explicit photos with followers.

surgery to improve Jessie has expressed a desire to have her breast implants told out.

I really wish I could go back and tell the younger version of myself, “Dude, don’t have a breast job, you’re perfect the way you are,” she added. 

Holly Willoughby Jumps Into Bed With Famous Footballer In Hilarious Prank By Michael McIntyre Watch Full Video


During Michael McIntyre’s Big Show on BBC One, the comedian broke into Peter and Abbey’s enormous vacation house in Portugal with his large camera team.

Abbey had hidden a backup key for Michael beneath the mat since she knew the prank.

Viewers could see Peter, 41, sleeping and snoring as the camera team slipped into the master bedroom.

The father of four jumped upright in bed as the lights suddenly came on, not quite sure what had happened.
Peter’s 37-year-old wife Abbey was chuckling as he was unable to talk due to shock.

After that, Michael engaged Peter in a series of strange activities, one of which included identifying which football celebrations were being done by a dancing robot.

Romesh Ranganathan, who had been mistaken for the robot, then hopped into bed with the couple.

Peter was next told to play in a memory exercise during which the lights were turned out and he had to notice note of all the things to the space.

He was quick to notice certain things, including Michael’s new headgear, but he failed to notice that Holly Willoughby had taken Abbey’s seat.

It took Peter some time to notice that the host of This Morning had silently climbed into bed with him.

When he eventually did, Pete’s face was a picture, and he was cowering beneath the blankets as Holly said, “Hi, Pete!”

Peter told, “I wasn’t expecting that one,” to Michael. Holly said, “This is strange for me too!”

Peter was dumbfounded by the whole hoax and afterwards forced to play football with a Telly-Tubby and eat a Madras curry from his favorite restaurant in Ealing.

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