Get Best Renters Insurance Easily – A Simple Guideline

You could be searching for the finest renters insurance companies if you’re moving into a new apartment or unit or if you’re dissatisfied with your existing provider.

The good news is that our team at Home Media Reviews has done the necessary investigation and has you covered. To find out more about the best suppliers and what makes them stand out from the competition, continue reading.

This page covers the costs from quotes we got for typical insurance on a Bakersfield, California, apartment. We wanted to offer you a rough sense of what the price would be, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that every quotation is different and depends on a variety of criteria, including location, house type, and a person’s personal information.

You may use this tool to get free online quotations to have a better understanding of the costs associated with local service providers.

Renters’ insurance policies are compared

We’ll take care of the rest if you can just answer a few straightforward questions.

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7 Top Providers of Renters Insurance

We selected the following organizations as the best renters insurance providers based on our extensive study and evaluation:

Lemonade: A Favorite among Students in College

Geico: A Recommendation for Simple Policy Management

State Farm: The Best Option for Low Premiums

Allstate is our top choice.

Our Favorite for Bundling: Progressive

Our preference for customer service is American Family.

Across the Country: Our Choice for Valuable Endorsements

Compare our best renters insurance providers quickly:


Monthly Price*

Rated in stars

Duration of Business

Best Rating for AM











City Farm















Family in America










*Cost data were acquired using a representative one-bedroom apartment in Nashville, Tennessee, with only one resident. It only includes basic coverage.

**A.M. Optimal rankings current as of August 2022


Rating for AM Best: N/A

Rating by J.D. Power: 870/1000

Lemonade has you covered whether you’re a college student or a first-time renter searching for an excellent renters insurance coverage that covers your essentials and has a simple and informative sign-up procedure. The business offers a user-friendly smartphone app, website, and chat service in addition to donating unused insurance proceeds to charitable organizations.

Lemonade is often able to handle claims more quickly than its rivals because it incorporates AI technology into its claim-filing procedure.

$ 21 for a sample monthly quote


university students


Renters’ insurance from Lemonade

to get quote

Lemonade Renters Insurance: Pros and Cons

+ The quote procedure takes around two minutes.

+ Discounts on safety and security equipment

+ Giveback scheme that gives leftover insurance funds to charitable organizations

– Limited to 28 states only (including Washington, D.C.)

– A newer business with less expertise

Request a quote for Lemonade Renters Insurance.

Visit our Lemonade Renters insurance Review for more information.

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AM Best’s grade is A++.

Rating from J.D. Power: N/A

The Geico website and smartphone app make it simple for customers to manage any of their policies—including vehicle insurance—and remain in touch with the company. Geico, like Progressive, offers savings for bundling policies, making it a great option for renters who already have a policy with the provider.

$ 21 for a sample monthly quote


Manage Policies Easily


Renters Insurance from GEICO

to get quote

Geico Renters Insurance: Pros and Cons

Easy online quote generator

Discounts for combining several policies

+ Integrated smartphone app with choices for nearby client service

– Employs underwriting firms

– Bundling is the only discount it offers.

Request a free estimate for Geico renters insurance.

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City Farm

AM Best’s grade is A++.

Rating from J.D. Power: 866/1000

Some tenants may be seeking for a cheap insurance policy to purchase since their landlord stipulates that they must have it in their lease. If this situation applies to you, State Farm should provide you with a quotation.

We found it to be consistently the most economical choice for renters insurance, with costs as low as $7 depending on your location.

Monthly Example Quote: $12


Low-cost Premiums


State Farm Insurance for Renters

to get quote

State Farm Renters Insurance: Pros and Cons

+ Special pet insurance and waterbed accessories

+ Using the automated tool, getting a quotation online is simple.

+ Provides instructional tools to tenants who want to learn more about their insurance.

– Low-cost choices have little insurance

– Prices may increase in accordance with endorsements

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AM Best’s grade is A+.

Rating from J.D. Power: 833/1000

Due to its performance across all of our review areas, Allstate is our top choice among renters insurance companies. Allstate is a well-known firm offering coverage that are reasonably priced. It is offered in all states and provides a wide range of endorsement possibilities, excellent customer service, and other technological alternatives including a smartphone app.

Typical Monthly Quote: $16


Our Top Selection


Renters insurance from Allstate

to get quote

Allstate Renters Insurance: Pros and Cons

+ Various discount possibilities

+ Available customer care around-the-clock

+ Customer service and claims chat on the website

– Some states do not provide the automated quote function.

– Social Security numbers and other personal details are required by certain states for quotes.

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AM Best’s grade is A+.

Rating by J.D. Power: 816/1000

For renters wishing to bundle with their vehicle insurance coverage, Progressive is our recommendation. According to the website, you might save up to 12 percent on your rates if you already have auto insurance through Progressive or are searching for a new carrier.

Other reductions like electronic billing, living in a gated neighborhood, and requesting a quotation in advance can also be covered under your policy.

Typical Monthly Quote: $18




Renters Insurance with Progressive

to get quote

Progressive Renters Insurance: Pros and Cons

plus accessible in all 50 states

+ Discount for online bill payment

+ Bundling discounts of up to 12%

– Limited possibilities for supplemental coverage

The first month’s premium and down payment are required under policies.

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Family in America

AM Best’s grade: A

Rating by J.D. Power: 838/1000

American Family has a reputation for offering exceptional customer service and gives policyholders round-the-clock access to its support staff. A local agent is also provided by the firm to assist tenants with any issues that may occur, and you can file claims online via the customer portal for a straightforward and stress-free experience after a loss. 

Watch Live 

Monthly Example Quote: $20


Effective Online Resources


Family in America

to get quote

American Family Renters Insurance: Pros and Cons

+ Constant customer support and claims assistance

+ Standard insurance offers identity theft protection.

+ The MyAmFam mobile app links users to local help and their policies

– Incomplete insurance data when quoting automatically online

– Limited to 19 states only

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AM Best’s grade is A+.

Rating by J.D. Power: 834/1000

Nationwide may be the best option for you if you need a firm that will pay for refrigerator property damage or if you need to add a significant other to your policy. Renters wishing to fine-tune and personalize their insurance will find the organization to be an appealing alternative because to its lengthy range of extra coverage options.

Monthly Example Quote: $20


Important Endorsements



to get quote

Nationwide Renters Insurance: Pros and Cons

+ Various discount possibilities

+ Longest list of possible endorsements

+ Complete add-on protection for collectibles

– Prices for policies may increase.

– N.M., La, Fla, Ark, Mass, and N.J. are not eligible. Hawaii or

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Cost of Renters Insurance by State

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average cost of renters insurance in the U.S. is $174 per year. However, depending on where you reside, the price and providers of renters insurance might vary significantly. Find out the typical price of renters insurance in your state using the table below to save money.

State-by-State Average Renters Insurance Premium


Monthly Average Premium

Annual Average Premium
















Add More

* The figures used to create this graph were compiled by the Insurance Information Institute (III) in 2019.

Get a Price

You may choose a provider with confidence now that you are aware of the price you should be paying for renters insurance. By selecting your state on the map below, you may get quotations from the top service providers nearby.

What Is Covered by Renters Insurance?

When you sign a lease and move into a new house, your landlord could sometimes demand that you get renters insurance. Whether or not your landlord requires renters insurance, it’s still crucial to understand the other components of what it covers when you shop for a policy. They’ll probably impose a minimum liability coverage.

The four primary types of coverage in typical insurance are as follows:

Liability: This form of coverage is what you may use if someone gets hurt on your property. Depending on what occurred, you could be liable for their medical expenses, in which case your renter’s insurance policy’s liability coverage will reimburse them. Additionally, they could pay the costs of any litigation that might result from the harm.

Personal Property: Depending on the kind of insurance you choose, you may file a claim for either the replacement cash value (RCV) or actual cash value (ACV) of your possessions if they are lost due to a covered danger. While ACV plans will compensate you for the depreciated worth of your belongings, RCV coverage will actually replace your items. You may be able to add endorsements for certain goods like jewelry and electronics, but your personal property will be protected only to the extent specified in the policy.

Medical Payments to Others: Regardless of who was at fault, the majority of typical plans also cover medical expenses for visitors who are hurt while visiting your house.

Loss of Use: If you are forced to leave your home as a result of a covered occurrence and incur additional daily expenses like a hotel room or meals, you may be able to file a loss-of-use claim under your policy. Your policy will specify the level of coverage for this category and what constitutes a claim.

Following a qualifying occurrence or risk, you may submit a claim for various types of coverage. Here are a few instances of common occurrences that lead to insured losses and are probably covered by your regular policy:

falling things

Damage from water leak


Robbery and theft

harm from an electrical short-circuit


Snow, sleet, or hail


Smoke and fire


a visitor was hurt in your house

How to Pick an Insurance Plan for Renters

Although picking a renters insurance coverage may seem difficult, it is really a straightforward and pleasant procedure. Four common phases to follow when you decide are listed below:

1. Analyze the required protection

Assessing your personal property and determining its approximate overall worth is the first step. Some businesses provide online calculators to assist you to decide how much coverage you’ll need. Because you don’t want to undervalue yourself or be undercovered, this step is crucial. If a calamity strikes, you’ll want to make the most of your insurance coverage by having everything you lost replaced and getting you back to the condition you were in before the tragedy.

You must also be aware of the precise quantity of required liability coverage. In many circumstances, your lease will specify how much rent you must pay. You may choose how much you wish to pay if they don’t specify a limit or mandate it.

2. Get estimates

It’s time to seek estimates now that you are aware of the top providers to choose from and have a general notion of the kind of coverage you want.

To check estimates from local providers, put your ZIP code into this tool. Alternatively, visit the businesses’ websites to utilize their online tools or chat with a representative.

3. Compare businesses

Making a list of the suppliers you obtain quotations from and comparing them is the third stage. Check out the regular policy’s coverage choices and any available endorsements in case you want more coverage. Based on your data, you may determine which businesses provide the lowest prices and make a decision appropriately.

4. enroll in a policy

The company you choose will walk you through the rest of the sign-up process after you’ve decided which one to buy your renter’s insurance policy from. After registering, you may create an account on the company’s web site and, if available, download the app to manage your policy. Reviewing the claim-filing procedure at this time may be beneficial so that you are ready to proceed as soon as a covered incident takes place in your home.

Which Renters Insurance Is Best For You?

If you’re seeking to get renters insurance coverage for your residence, these suppliers are smart choices. In order to assist you in making your decision, we took the time to carefully examine each business and what they can offer their clients.

To discover what each company will give you, especially for your house, we always advise requesting a few quotes from several businesses and comparing their policies on your own.

It’s crucial to verify a few options depending on your unique circumstances since every property and scenario is unique. You should compare several quotes before choosing your insurance, whether you’re looking for the best deal and contemplating State Farm or you’re a college student thinking about Lemonade.

Renter’s insurance policies are compared

We’ll take care of the rest if you can just answer a few straightforward questions.

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Questions and Answers regarding Renters Insurance

Is renters insurance necessary?

What does renters insurance typically cost?

Who has the most affordable renters insurance?


We developed the following elements and weights after doing extensive market research to use in rating each company:

The cost overall: 15/100

Options for upgrades and discounts: 20/100

17.5/100 standard coverage

5/100 for state availability

20/100 available for support

Availability: 12.5/100

Expertise: 10/100

In order to assist you in making a choice while comparing plans, we evaluated these ranking variables to identify the top renter’s insurance providers. To ensure the reviews include the most recent information and recommendations, we regularly monitor and update data.

Imagine returning home to discover that a fire or other disaster has completely destroyed all of your belongings. You won’t get any assistance from your landlord’s insurance since it only covers structural repairs, not personal property. Having renters insurance makes sense for this reason.

Renters’ plans are offered by dozens of insurers. Which one fits you best? A number of the best renters insurance providers were examined by NerdWallet for their financial stability, claim-filing and tracking simplicity, policy selections, discounts, and other elements. The winning firms are listed below.

Our star ratings are based on consumer complaint statistics from the NAIC, financial strength ratings from AM Best, coverage and discount options, and general customer satisfaction. These factors helped us choose which renters insurance providers to recommend. They do not, however, take into account pricing, which might vary greatly. This ranking of the top renter’s insurance companies is likely to alter as we continue to examine new insurance firms.

Why you may trust NerdWallet: To assist you in selecting the financial items that are most effective for you, our authors and editors adhere to strong editorial principles that assure fairness and truth. These rankings are just for renters insurance; a firm may have a different ranking on our website for other goods. See our standards for judging renters insurance providers.

The top providers of renters insurance

These are the top renter’s insurance options, according to NerdWallet. To read our reviews, click on the names of the businesses.


NerdWallet Score


5.0 on NerdWallet

Regional Financial

5.0 on NerdWallet


5.0 on NerdWallet


5.0 on NerdWallet


NerdWallet rating of 4.5

Family in America

NerdWallet rating of 4.5


NerdWallet rating of 4.5


NerdWallet rating of 4.5


NerdWallet rating of 4.5

a Hanover

NerdWallet rating of 4.5

The Hartford

NerdWallet rating of 4.5

City Farm

NerdWallet rating of 4.5


5.0 on NerdWallet

*USAA renters insurance is provided exclusively to active military, veterans and their family.

Not all insurers are accessible in all states, please note.

More information about the top renters insurance providers


5.0 on NerdWallet

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Amica stands out for receiving very few customer complaints compared to its size. Amica offers renters insurance in all states with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly website that lets tenants submit claims, pay payments, and receive quotations at any time.

For jewelry, gadgets, and other valuables, you may increase the coverage on your renters insurance. Instead of only paying you back for the current (depreciated) worth of the lost things, you may elect to get replacement cost coverage, which will offer you enough cash to replace any damaged or stolen items.

People may get discounts if they set up automatic bill payment, switch to paperless billing, combine their renters’ insurance and vehicle insurance policies, remain with their insurer for at least two years, or go at least three years without making a claim.

Review of Amica renters insurance

Regional Financial

5.0 on NerdWallet

If you reside in one of the 19 states that Country Financial services, you have a good choice. According to the NAIC, it gets much fewer customer complaints than would be anticipated for an insurer of its size.

Country Financial offers extensive coverage levels for renters who want a little more protection. In the event that you are sued, it provides up to $1 million in liability insurance in addition to up to $25,000 in medical expenses for visitors harmed on your premises. If you have expensive valuables like engagement rings or musical instruments, you may also add more coverage.

By combining your renters coverage with another Country Financial insurance policy (like car), or by lasting at least five years without making a claim, you may save money.

READ MORE: A review of Country Financial’s renters insurance


5.0 on NerdWallet

Nationwide’s typical renters insurance plans offer credit card coverage and building expansion/alteration coverage at no additional cost, in addition to the essentials like liability and personal property coverage. This implies that in addition to being protected against illegal use of your credit and debit cards (up to your policy limit), you are also protected in the event that your landlord permits you to make renovations to your house.

People who have several Nationwide policies, are claim-free, or who have smoke detectors and other safety equipment installed in their homes may all get savings from Nationwide.

According to statistics from the NAIC collected over the course of three years, Nationwide gets around the anticipated amount of customer complaints for a business of its size.

» MORE: Review of Nationwide renters insurance


5.0 on NerdWallet

Travelers prioritizes renters in a number of different ways. Getting a fast quotation, learning about coverage choices, and filing and following claims online are all made simple by the website’s user-friendliness. According to the NAIC, Travelers also receives less customer complaints than would be anticipated for a business of its size.

Renters who have numerous Travelers policies or who have equipment like internal sprinkler systems or smart house technologies may be eligible for savings from the business.

» MORE: Review of travelers renters insurance


NerdWallet rating of 4.5

Over tenants might use Allstate since retirees 55 and older can save up to 25% on their rate.

Renters who bundle their policies or want to have their insurance payments deducted automatically from a bank account are also eligible for reductions from Allstate.

In addition to offering large savings, Allstate is a solid choice for renters because of its superior mobile app. It allows you to pay payments, examine policy paperwork, submit claims, and get in touch with your agent.

Review of Allstate renters insurance

Family in America

NerdWallet rating of 4.5

American Family is a reliable option for renters insurance, according to the NAIC, with fewer customer complaints than anticipated.

The business provides a variety of discounts, including standard ones (such a discount for having renters and auto insurance with American Family) and uncommon ones (a generational discount for renters ages 18 to 30 whose parents are also insured with American Family).

When you add a “diminishing deductible” to your policy, you’ll get a $100 credit against your deductible on the first day of coverage, which is a remarkable coverage choice. Then, with each renewal, your deductible will decrease by an additional $100, up to a maximum of $500. You’ll spend less out of pocket each time you submit a claim if your deductible is smaller. Cheap Car Insurance

Review of American Family renter’s insurance


NerdWallet rating of 4.5

Auto-Owners provides more than simply auto insurance, despite its name. Renters Plus package, which covers water backup of sewers and drains, waterbed liabilities, and loss of perishable goods, may enhance its renters insurance (for example, if your power goes out and you have to toss spoiled food).

For your possessions, you may upgrade to replacement cost coverage. This implies that Auto-Owners will pay out enough for you to purchase a new laptop rather than a used one if your three-year-old laptop is stolen or destroyed for a covered cause.

For individuals who are claim-free, pay their premiums on time, choose paperless billing, and more, Auto-Owners offers a wide range of savings.

Mortgage, Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates, Bank Of America Mortgage Rates

Review of Auto-Owners renters insurance


NerdWallet rating of 4.5

According to the NAIC, Pennsylvania-based Erie receives less customer complaints than one would anticipate for a business of its scale. Erie operates in 12 states and Washington, D.C.

You may add a number of packages from Erie to your policy, providing further protection against damage from sewage and drain backup as well as reimbursement from identity theft. If you’re renting out your property on websites like Airbnb, you may also receive coverage for theft, damage, or liability claims in the majority of the states that Erie services.

If you combine several insurance coverages with Erie, or if you get a quotation at least a week before you want coverage to start, you may save money on your policy. Renters above a particular age may also qualify for discounts in several states.

Review of Erie renters insurance


NerdWallet rating of 4.5

You may simply locate a local agent for more individualized service or get a quotation on Farmers’ user-friendly website.

Farmers also provide cheaper rates for clients in certain professions, like physicians, nurses, teachers, police officers, firemen, and engineers, in addition to industry-standard savings for buying several policies with the business and having safety and security systems.

Smokers who haven’t used tobacco for at least two years straight may also reduce their rates.

Review of Farmers renters insurance

a Hanover

NerdWallet rating of 4.5

There are three different renters insurance plans available from The Hanover. The cheapest plan just covers the essentials: your possessions, responsibility for injuries you may cause to others, and costs associated with moving out of your house while covered repairs are being made.

You may add more coverage for things like food lost in a power outage and identity theft-related costs by upgrading to the Select plan. Your possessions’ replacement cost is covered as part of this plan.

The top-tier service from The Hanover is Select Plus, which includes all the protection from the other two packages as well as extra insurance for pricey valuables like jewels or weapons. In the event that a big calamity damages at least 50% of your possessions, this package exempts you from paying a deductible.

Not all states accept the renter’s insurance provided by The Hanover.

The Hanover renters insurance evaluation


NerdWallet rating of 4.5

The Hartford collaborates with AARP to provide services to older renters; even if you are not an AARP member, you may still purchase insurance via The Hartford’s network of independent agents.

The Hartford offers a wide range of additional coverage options, including the ProtectorPLUS Zero Deductible Benefit, which is included at no extra cost. With this benefit, if you have a qualifying claim of $27,500 or more, your deductible up to $5,000 is waived. Replacement cost coverage for personal property, additional coverage for valuables, and identity fraud protection are some other options.

One negative is that, according to the NAIC, The Hartford receives a disproportionately high volume of customer complaints for a business of its size.

Review of The Hartford renters insurance

City Farm

NerdWallet rating of 4.5

State Farm, one of the biggest insurance providers in the US, provides almost all types of insurance, including renters insurance.

You may speak with a local agent to go through your choices over the phone before making a policy purchase. On the State Farm website, you may get a quotation, submit and follow a claim, pay payments, and more if you’d like to do everything online. There are certain things that may be swiftly accomplished without creating an account.

On its website, State Farm does not provide many coverage or cost-saving choices, but it does advertise discounts for bundling renters and vehicle insurance plans as well as for installing home security systems like burglar alarms and smoke detectors.

 Review of State Farm renters insurance

5.0 on NerdWallet

For active duty service members, veterans, and their families, USAA provides insurance as well as banking and investment opportunities.

Apart from its military emphasis, USAA stands out from other renters insurance providers since its typical renter’s policy covers damage from earthquakes and floods. Other businesses often charge extra to have this coverage. Renters who reside in areas in danger of earthquakes or floods may find this to be of great use.

According to the NAIC, the firm gets a lot fewer customer complaints than would be anticipated for an insurer of its size.

Review of USAA renters insurance

Comparison of renters insurance

Depending on how much coverage you have and where you reside, the average renters insurance premium is roughly $14 per month. However, when comparing renters insurance policies, pricing shouldn’t be your only consideration.

Several different kinds of coverage are included in a typical renters insurance policy:

Personal property insurance covers your possessions if they are lost, damaged, or stolen as a result of a covered calamity.

If you are sued and found liable for harm to a visitor at your house or damage to someone else’s property, personal liability coverage will pay out.

No matter who is at fault, medical payment coverage covers less costly injuries to visitors to your house.

When your rental is being repaired after a covered catastrophe, loss of use coverage (also known as “additional living expenses”) will pay for hotel stays, restaurant meals, or other relocation fees.

In order to compare renters insurance quotations side by side, make sure you input the identical limits for each kind of coverage. Animals & Pet Supplies Non-prescription Cat Food

Then, look at the additional coverage offered by each business that you might purchase for your insurance. For an expensive musical instrument, do you need additional coverage? Would you want to add identity fraud protection? It is worthwhile to shop around because each insurer has slightly different options, some of which are even included in your base premium.

Finally, take a look at the business’ website. Is it simple to get a phone number to speak with an agent if necessary? Can you acquire quotations, submit and monitor claims, and pay bills using the business’s website or app if you want to do everything online? You may save some difficulty later on by investigating these possibilities before to purchasing insurance.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

The five most frequent situations when renters insurance is the best

Do you have a pet, a housemate, or an engagement ring? The sort of renters insurance you need might be determined by these circumstances.

You share a residence.

In locations where it is legal, some insurers let roommates share renters insurance coverage. But sharing isn’t always a good thing, even if you can. BMW X5 m nürburgring 2022 Reviews, Test Drives, Pricing, Specs, and Many More

Have an open conversation with your roommate about how to divide insurance costs before you sign a policy, particularly if they have a lot of possessions that might raise the price of the quotation. Make sure you both agree on the kind of renters insurance you’ll get.

Can my roommate and I split renters insurance?

You have a limited budget.

Consider raising your deductible, which is the amount that would be deducted from your payment if you made a claim, to lower the cost of your coverage. But first, ask yourself: How much cash would you have on hand in the event that your belongings were lost or damaged?

See NerdWallet’s Best Cheap Renters Insurance to find the most affordable options in your state or metro area.

If you lost everything, you would desire new things.

A fire destroyed your TV. A new one that is identical to it is covered under replacement cost coverage. Purchase a renters insurance policy with replacement cost coverage if this is what you want. To replace your belongings with equivalent new ones normally costs a little more than what is referred to as a “actual cash value” coverage, but it is beneficial.

How does renter’s insurance operate?

You own pricey jewelry or gadgets.

You may believe that your personal property limit covers everything, but many renters insurance providers have a ceiling on the amount they’ll pay out for certain valued goods like jewelry or electronics; this maximum is often $1,000 or $1,500 for each category. In order to ensure that your expensive engagement ring or several cellphones are fully covered, you may require additional coverage, sometimes known as “floater” or “planned coverage” in the insurance market.

You own a dog.

Your financial situation might be severely impacted if you are sued for a dog bite. Make sure dog bites are included under the liability section of your renters insurance policy and that the breed you own isn’t prohibited if you want compensation for this.

Why Dog Liability Insurance Is Necessary

Find the state’s most affordable renters insurance.

Not your state listed below? Please return shortly. More articles on renters insurance are always being added.




A new York

N. Carolina



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Sarah Schlichter is an expert on homeowners, renters, car, and pet insurance for NerdWallet. Her work has been published in a number of publications, including The Washington Post, MarketWatch, and The Associated Press. Learn more.


Renters’ insurance rating methodology

The renter’s insurance ratings provided by NerdWallet honor businesses that prioritize their customers. Ratings are determined by weighted averages of ratings in a number of areas, including financial stability, customer complaints, coverage alternatives, discounts, and online experience. In order to obtain the best cost for you, we advise you to shop and compare numerous insurance rates. For any reviews, NerdWallet does not get paid. Read more about how we rate renters’ insurance.

approach to concerns from insurers

In 2018–2020, NerdWallet investigated the complaints that state insurance regulators received and provided a report to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Every year, the NAIC creates a complaint index for each subsidiary, comparing the proportion of total complaints to that subsidiary’s size, or the proportion of total premiums in the industry, in order to evaluate how insurers stack up against one another.

Last Word:

NerdWallet created a comparable index for each insurer over the course of three years, weighted by market shares of each subsidiary to assess a company’s history of complaints. Without the NAIC’s approval, NerdWallet analyzes its data on its own and draws its own findings. Auto, home (including renters’ and condo), and life insurance ratios are each calculated separately.

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