GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download 2023 (Update) For Any Devices

Download the most recent 2023 version of GB WhatsApp on your phone. New features have been added to the most recent version of GB WhatsApp APK. The most recent version is available here for download. It is the most widely used mod version today.

If you’re sick of plain WhatsApp. Well, today we have the ideal WhatsApp mod for you. We’ll lead you through GB WhatsApp in this post (GB WhatsApp). Similar to the first texting app. GBWA supports phone, video, and chat communications. Additionally, the mod lets you share media files, contacts, files, and your current position. We have shared the links to download WhatsApp in GB. 

Download GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp-apk

GB WhatsApp: What Is It?

One of the greatest WhatsApp mods available for your device is GBWhatsApp. Users are familiar with this WhatsApp mod as a multi-account-friendly mod and for many more reasons. The Google Play Store and other app distribution platforms do not, however, allow for the download of this mod. However, you’re in luck since we have included links to download the 2023 and 2023 versions of GB WhatsApp below.

Like other WhatsApp mods available, GBWA offers all of the features and functionality of the original app plus some features. However, we advise you to explore other mods on SoftGOZA before we go into GB WhatsApp’s specifics with you.

Point to Note: Many people may believe or have read that installing the GB WhatsApp APK might cause you to be banned from the original WhatsApp. This is untrue, however. If you download from the links below, you may simply go for the GB WhatsApp APK download without risking a WhatsApp ban. Download links for Anti-ban GB WhatsApp may be found on this page. On this page, we’ve shared the GB WhatsApp modifications created by AlexMods, HeyMods, and FouadMods.

Download GBWhatsApp APK

App Store URL GBWhatsApp APK

Version Most recent Version

length 64.2 MB

6,00,000+ downloads overall

Android 5.1 and above is required

Recently updated

We advise downloading “GBWhatsApp from AlexMods” if you dislike in-app advertisements since it is free of them.

Download the GBWhatsApp APK version 19.35.11 now (by FouadMods)

Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK v17.00 (by AlexMods)

Get the GBWhatsApp APK download 21.20.0. (by HeyMods)

GBWhatsApp APK By XDA Download (Discontinued Version)

On this page, we’ve included links to three different developers’ versions of the GBWhatsApp download. We also distributed the most recent GB WhatsApp download version from XDA. Download your downloads carefully. If you’re confused, we advise trying each one separately. AlexMods and FouadMods’ apps come highly recommended. You may not enjoy the many in-app advertisements on the HeyMods app when chatting with your loved ones.

Note that the most recent version is the GB WhatsApp APK from FouadMods. For this version, Android 5.1 or above is required. Try the FouadMod version of the app if you are having any issues downloading and installing it from Alexmods or Heymods to get the app on your device quickly and easily.

To ensure that you always have the correct version of GBWhatsApp, bookmark this page. GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro are similar apps, so avoid becoming confused by their different titles. You have arrived at the appropriate location if you are searching to download the GB WhatsApp Pro APK.

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Update for GB WhatsApp: Features of the most recent 2023 APK

Newly updated base

Update on anti-ban

Gloomy theme

Repaired bugs

Secret chat function

Hide the recording status

Stickers from Google Play may be added

Share, use, and distribute your own themes.

backup capability

up to seven-minute video status updates

incredible tick styles

Change the notification-bar icon

GIF suppliers aplenty and

Older GB WhatsApp Versions

Note: Any Android device may download the GBWhatsApp APK. GbWhatsapp for Xiaomi, GbWhatsapp for Mi, GbWhatsapp for Samsung, GbWhatsapp for Vivo, GbWhatsapp for Oppo, and GbWhatsapp for Realme phones are all available for download from this website. Support is available for all Android phone manufacturers, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and Mi.

Download the GB WhatsApp APK from AlexMods.

Click the link above to download the most recent version of the GB WhatsApp APK from AlexMods for your smartphone.

GB WhatsApp Latest Version Features By AlexMods

Gloomy theme

Change the profile, theme, and color

Features for backup and restoration

The GB WhatsApp tales download

Download GB WhatsApp APK from HeyMods

HeyMods just made the GB WhatsApp download version available. It contains a few updated features that are comparable to the most recent XDA version. Here is a link to the version-new WhatsApp 2023 download.

GB WhatsApp 2023 features by HeyMods

Gloomy theme

Specific themes

Change the tick’s color

Story download

feature for backup and restoration

Term privacy and hide chats

Cartoon stickers

Resources that support the APK on your device are included in HeyMods. You will be prompted to install the resources as well as the APK during installation. Keep using the resources to get the app. 

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Download 2022

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Delta for GBWhatsApp

Download earlier versions of the GB WhatsApp APK.

The earlier versions of GBWhatsApp are listed below. If your Android OS is outdated, you may download previous versions, however, if you want the latest features, we suggest downloading the GB WhatsApp update.

19.35.10 GBWhatsApp

19.35.8 GBWhatsApp

Whatsapp 19.35.7 in GB

Whatsapp in GB 19.35.1

9.35 GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp for GB 9.30.1


The ability to buy and utilize themes created by the firm behind GB WhatsApp is one of the most intriguing features of GBWhatsApp. As was already said, GBWA allows you to manage all of your accounts from a single app by supporting dual or multiple accounts. English, Spanish, and Chinese are among the list of available languages that you may choose from. GBWhatsapp offers a more engaging chatting experience than the original app.

Additionally, you may use the messaging app to send files up to 50MB in size. Enjoy transmitting your HD videos and photographs without the need for any additional apps from third parties. Additionally, you are free to send these files (it costs no money).

GBWhatsApp includes features to address your privacy concerns as well. Installing this mod will hide you to hide your last saw messages and online status from your contacts. On the other side, even when the chat app is closed, you may label yourself as always online. EA Tetris Game APK Download Free For PC/Mobile Android/Apple

Features of GBWhatsApp APK in brief

In addition to customizing features, GBWhatsApp provides a lot more. We’re certain that after reading the list below, you’ll be convinced to check this mod for your device.

attractive launcher icons

Automatic message messages

Hide writing status

Secret chat function

obscure the recording status

Stickers from Google Play may be added

ability to connect to WhatsApp online (features do not work there)

Up to 100MB of audio share

Share, use, and distribute your own themes.

backup capability

up to seven-minute video status updates

Enable password

incredible tick styles

Modify the notification-bar icon

a number of GIF suppliers

Video player change

Log accessible

Message Scheduler 

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Detail of GB WhatsApp feature

If you’re still convinced about installing this mod on your device, we’ve detailed the advantages you’ll gain from using GBWhatsApp below.

Defend yourself against malware.

Access free themes created by this app’s users.

Utilize two or more WhatsApp accounts on one device.

Use GBWA and WhatsApp’s official version concurrently.

Copy your daily updates, status, pictures, words of wisdom, and videos.

Send huge files up to 50MB in size, including videos, photos, APKs, music, and other types of files.

Utilize the hidden message ticks to hide your message.

Hide your online presence

Share more than 10 pictures at once.

Emojis may be personalized and made accessible to your contacts as well.

The use and addition of stickers are limitless.

Change the notification bar and menu app icons.

Even if you’re not using the WhatsApp business version, it offers an auto-reply capability.

Own the themes you create and use. Invite other users to share your masterpiece!

Send WhatsApp status updates that are up to seven minutes long.

By adding a password to your app, you can keep your messages secure.

For your app’s video files to play, use a third-party video player.

The most recent version has new features.

The most recent version of WhatsApp for GB offers new features that make it quicker and more user-friendly.

Newly updated base

Update on anti-ban

Participants are called into mod groups.

newer emojis added

When speaking in groups, be discreet.

No more troubles with Google Play’s stickers

There will be no more crashes while searching for themes.

fixed flaws

The positive and negative GB WhatsApp 

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps available today. For operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and others, the app is accessible. In comparison to its rivals, WhatsApp offers incredible features and functionality.

Similar to YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FMWhatsApp, and many others, GBWhatsApp is basically a modified mod of the official app. The great thing about GBWhatsApp is that you may use it alongside the official version of the app. In comparison to other mods, it also has more features.

The greatest drawback of using this mod is that accounts that use GBWhatsApp are banned. Your account may be completely disabled from future usage if the mod is found. If you still want to purchase this mod, we strongly suggest using a temporary phone number for that account. Never use the same one you used for WhatsApp’s first version.

There must be a problem if you’re having difficulties installing the app or if it keeps closing while you’re chatting. There are two possible reasons for this. If you have an outdated or non-updated app version while using the most recent Android device, you may have this problem. On the other hand, if you attempt to install the most recent version of the app on a device running an earlier version of Android, it may not install correctly. You must contact the official customer support if the OS and the app have both been updated but you are still experiencing issues.

Why is GB WhatsApp not downloading?

You’re probably not the only one asking why GBWhatsApp won’t download to your phone. Many reasons may cause it. You can have a sluggish mobile data connection or a slow Internet connection. These two elements may have an impact on your phone’s capacity to download and install files. Try restarting your phone to see if it solves the issue if your network is unreliable. Contacting the office support staff is a wonderful option if you are unable to identify the origin of the problem.

An unstable internet connection, an outdated version of your web browser (Chrome), or an outdated APK are a few causes of GB WhatsApp not functioning. If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, contact your service provider or try resetting your router. On the other hand, make sure your browser is up to date. You can update it from the play store if it isn’t.

The GBWhatsApp APK 2023 is now simple to download and install from our domain. The new version has a ton of features and is safe as well as updated. Get this for Android right now to start chatting with your pals!

GB WhatsApp Update Instructions

You’ll want to know how to update GBWhatsApp on your smartphone without losing your chats if you have it installed. You should make a backup of your chats before making any changes, even if GBWhatsapp can be updated without losing your chats. You must go to your phone’s settings menu and choose Chats in order to access this. You may access the Chat Backup option from there.

Go to the Google Play store and perform a search for “GBWhatsApp” to download the most recent version. When you locate it, double-click the file and then choose to install. You will then be able to utilize it. In order to make the app successfully, you must have a stable internet connection.

If you are experiencing issues with GBWhatsApp, it’s probable that your device is at blame. Go to Settings > General > Apps > Remove Cache on your phone to clear the cache. Disabling Google Push Talks is an additional option. This will stop GBWhatsapp from accessing the data on your phone, which will result in improper operation of the app. You may try restarting the app if everything else fails. 

GB WhatsApp download APK 

A suitable substitute for the standard WhatsApp messenger is GBWhatsApp. Compared to the standard version, it contains extra features. By changing the notification bar icon and changing the color theme, you can quickly personalize the UI. Additionally, GBWhatsApp enables theme creation and use for app developers. You may choose Themes Options from the Settings menu in order to install a new theme. You may change the settings and dynamic colors from here.

Making sure that your internet connection is steady should be your first action if you are experiencing trouble downloading the most recent version of GBWhatsApp. Try downloading it using a different Wi-Fi if it isn’t. Additionally, the APK files can be blocked by your antivirus app. Turn on “unknown sources” in your phone’s settings to enable this. 

GB WhatsApp Official Anti Ban 

You need make careful to remove your previous version of the app when downloading GBWhatsApp. You’ll have the latest version if you do it this way. You can strengthen the security of your privacy settings. You may manually adjust the privacy settings in GBWhatsApp as well. You may, for instance, schedule messages to only be seen by your pals. Additionally, GBWhatsApp gives you the option to schedule when you send messages to a selected message of contacts or the complete list of contacts.

GBWhatsApp is a customized version of the official version if security is a concern for you. It has helpful features like hidden message ticks and Auto-reply that the official version is missing. Although it cannot be downloaded from the official app stores, it may be downloaded through a third-party website and installed on the device.

GbWhatsApp Download Instructions

You’ve come to the correct site if you’ve ever wondered how to update GBWhatsApp. Follow these easy instructions to download the most recent version of this well-known messaging app. Go to Google Play and download the most recent version first. Once you’ve completed that, launch the GBWhatsApp app and choose “Update.” You will be prompted by the app to confirm your phone number after installing the latest version.

Downloading the most recent version of GBWhatsApp from the official website is the easiest method to update the app. It will download and install in a little while. As an alternative, you may log in to the app using the phone number of another device. Whichever approach you decide on, be sure to make close attention to the directions. Otherwise, your account can be banned.

After downloading the most recent version, check to see whether your internet connection is steady. Additionally, you need to enable your device’s “unknown sources” option. Ensure that the app is not operating in the background by checking your settings after installation. Installing the most recent version should only be done if you are certain you can trust it and don’t want to take the chance of breaking your phone. 

GB WhatsApp pro v9.00 download

Thankfully, losing GBWhatsApp won’t cause you to update your chats! Make sure you first back up your chats by navigating to the app’s Settings area. After completing these steps, you may start chatting on GBWhatsApp. Your device ought to notify you once the update procedure is finished. Best Motorcycle Accident Attorney Lawyer

Download the most recent app of GBWhatsApp from Google Play to update it up to date. After installing it, you must verify your phone number. You may change your chat settings by going to the settings area. Even widgets may be added to your conversation. The GBWhatsApp upgrades will also provide the app with additional features. Auto Insurance Quotes – Cheap Car Insurance

Your internet connection is possibly unstable if GBWhatsApp isn’t downloading correctly. Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network if it is. Enable sure the “unknown sources” function is enabled in your phone’s settings as well. Try downloading the most recent version straight from the company website if this doesn’t work. Because rogue apps might infect your phone, make sure the source you choose is secure. Tower of Fantasy Free Download For Android/iPhone, Mobile/PC 2023

After downloading GBWhatsApp, you may choose privacy settings. Your messages may be scheduled to go out later or to be sent on certain days and hours. Messages to a group may also be sent. Additionally, you may configure GBWhatsApp Auto-responder to send pre-written SMS. Nintendo Switch Games Free Download For Mobile/iPhone Or PC

Last Word

By clicking the download button above, you can download the most recent version of GB WhatsApp. You must have your cellphone number on hand in order to do this. As soon as you have this information, you may download GB WhatsApp from the area above. For a limited time, you may also download any version of the app. Only download the version, however, if you are certain it is safe. You have 30 days to check the app out and see how it works. MT File Manager APK Download 2023 (Pro Mod Free Download) For Any Devices

As WhatsApp Mods’ popularity soars, they are leaving their mark. Why would you choose a plain version of any chatting app when you may get a variety of free extra features? The original apps and modified apps are similar. Their great features, like themes, new privacy settings, and status settings, are the only thing that set them apart. Today, download GBWhatsApp and take advantage of its extra features. Read More…

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