Cold Weather Payment: How to claim £25 DWP grant, who can claim it, list of eligible postcodes – how to check

As the Met Office continues to issue weather warnings for snow and ice, certain parts of the UK are now feeling the brunt of very cold temperatures. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is providing a financial remedy as a consequence of the predicted increase in heating costs brought on by the circumstances.

With the help of cold weather payments, lower-income people may more easily afford to support warm when the outside temperature drops below zero. Several places have been eligible for the program this week as a result of certain parts of the country seeing temperatures as low as -9°C. 

Cold Weather Payment: How to claim £25

It applies to citizens in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland from November 1 to March 31. For each seven-day stretch during which the temperature drops below zero, a £25 payment is made.

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Scotland no longer offers financial support after the country did away with it last year. Instead, a new Winter Heating Payment is introduced throughout the country, which makes automatic £50 yearly payments to families.

Here is all the information you want on the Cold Weather Payment and how to claim for it. Including an eligible list of all UK postcodes that qualify.

For whom is a Cold Weather Payment eligible?

Not every home in the country will find eligible financial support during the cold weather. If you presently receive any of the following benefits, you could be eligible to claim the payment:

The pension credit
Income support
a jobseeker’s allowance depending on income
Employment and support allowance based on income (ESA)
Omnibus credit
Support with mortgage interest (SMI)

If you are receiving income support or income-based jobseeker’s allowance and you have a disabled child, a child with a disability-related child tax credit, or a child under the child of five living with you, you may be eligible for cold weather payments. Those who apply for universal credit are eligible to receive the benefit as long as they are not working or self-employed, have a health condition or disability that limits their capacity to work or have a child under the age of five living with them.

How to determine if my locality is sufficiently cold to claim the Cold Weather Payment
The average temperature in the United Kingdom is measured by the DWP using a network of 72 weather stations. The network has been given access to every single household postcode.

Visit the official DWP website to determine your eligibility for support. Your postcode must be entered into the finder.

Eligible list of postcodes that qualify for the Cold Weather Payment
Aberporth: SA35-48, SA64-65
Almondsbury: GL11–13, NP16, NP26, BS1–11, BS13–16, BS20–24, BS29–32, BS34–37, BS39–41, BS48–49
CB1-5, CB10-11, CB21-25; CM1-9, CM11-24; CM77; CO9; RM4; SG8-11; Andrewsfield
DL8 Bainbridge
BA12, RG28, SO20-23, SP1-5, SP7, SP9-11, Boscombe Down
HG1–5, LS1–20, LS22–28, YO1, YO8, YO10, YO19, YO23–24, YO26, YO30–32, YO41–43, YO51, and YO60–61 are the Bramham codes. 

OX1-6, OX8, OX11–14, OX18, OX20, OX25–29, Brize Norton SN7
Capel Charlwood: BN5-6, BN44, GU5-6, ME6, ME14-20, RH1-20, TN1-20, TN22, TN27 Curig: LL24-25, LL41
NE71 Charterhall
DY1-14, LE10, WS1-15, and WV1-16 Crosby: CH41-49, CH60-66, FY1-8, L1-40, PR1-5, PR8-9, PR25-26 Coleshill: B1-21, B23-38, B40, B42-50, B60-80, B90-98, CV1-12, CV21-23, CV31-35, CV3 CV47, DY1-14, LE10
Aerodrome at Dunkeswell: DT6–8, EX13–15, and TA21 

YO13, YO18, YO21-22, and YO62 in Fylingdales
Airports at Hawarden: CH1-8, LL11-14, and SY14
BR1-4, CR0, CR2-8, E1-18, E20, E1W, EN1-5, EN7-11, HA0-9, IG1-11, KT1-24, N1-22, NW1-11, SE1-28, SL0, SL3, SM1-7, SW2-20, TW1-20, UB1-11, and W2-14 are the airports served by Heathrow.
GL1-6, GL10, GL14-20, GL50-53, HR1-9, NP7-8, NP15, NP25, SY8, WR1-11, WR13-15, Hereford-Credenhill
TN21, TN31-40, BN7-8, BN20-24, BN26-27, Herstmonceux West End
Hurt: BH1-25, BH31, DT1-2, DT11, SP6, DT1-2. 

Keele: ST1-8, ST11-12, ST14-21, CW1-3, CW5, CW12,
LL20–21, LL23, SY10, SY15–17, SY19, and SY21–22 in Lake Vrnwy
Leek: DE4, DE45, S32-33, SK13, SK17, SK22-23, ST9-10, ST13 Leeming: DL1-DL3, DL6,DL7, DL9,DL10, TS9, S16 YO7 Leconfield: DN14, HU1-20, YO11-12, YO14-17, YO25
EX16, EX35–36, TA22, and TA24 in Liscombe.
Loftus: TS1–8, TS10–14, TS17–20, SR8, and TS1–8
CB6-7, IP24-28, PE12-14, and PE30-38 for Marham
LL33-34, LL42-49, and LL51-78 for Mona
Morpeth, NE22, NE24, NE61–70 Cockle Park
North Wyke: PL19–21, EX17–22, EX37–38, TQ10–11, TQ13
CV13, DE1-3, DE5-7, DE11-15, DE21-24, DE55-56, DE65, DE72-75, LE1-9, LE11-14, LE16-19, LE65, LE67, NG1-22, NG25, and NG31-34 are the zip codes for Nottingham Watnall.
RG1-2, RG4-8, RG10, RG12, RG14, RG18-27, RG29-31, RG40-42, RG45, SL1-2, SL4-6, and SO24 are the zip codes in Odiham.
SA1-8, SA14-18, SA31-34, SA61-63, and SA66-73 for Pembury Sands
LL15–19, LL22, and LL26–32 in Rhyl.
AL1-10, EN6, HP1-4, LU1-7, SG1-4, SG12-14, WD3-7, WD17-19, WD23-25, Rothamsted
SY1-6, SY11–13, and TF1–13 in Shawbury
Sheffield: DN1–8, DN11–12,HD1-2,HD4-6,S1–14,S17–18,S20–21,S25–26,S35,S40–45,S60–66,S70–75,S80–81,WF1–17. Easy Way To Make Money For Teenagers 

BR5-8, CM0, CT5-6, DA1-18, ME1-5, ME7-13, RM1-3, RM5-20, SS0-9, SS11-17 are the Shoeburyness zip codes.
LA2, LA6-7, PR6, BB1-3, BB5-7, Stonyhurst: CA13–15, CA18–28 for Bees Head
Thorney Island: BN1-3; BN9-18; BN25; BN41-43; BN45; PO1-22; PO30-41; SO14-19; SO30-32; SO40-43; SO45; SO50-53 How to Make Money as a Teenager without a Job Online Easily
Waddington: DN9-10, DN13, DN15-22, DN31-41, LN1-13, NG23-24, PE10-11, PE20-25 Tibenham: NR1-35
LA1, LA3-5, LA11-20 Walney Island Wattisham CB8-9 CO1-8 CO10-16 IP1-23, IP29-33
Westonbirt: GL7-9, RG17, SN1-6, SN8-16, SN25-26, BA1-3, BA11, BA13-15
LE15, NN14–18, PE1–9, PE15–17, PE26–29, Wittering 

Albemarle: SR1-7, TS21, TS28-29, DH1-7, DH9, DL4-5, DL14-17, NE1-13, NE15-18, NE20-21, NE23, NE25-46,
Bainbridge: DL11–13 and BD23–24 Mortgage, Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates, Bank Of America Mortgage Rates
RG9, SL7-9, OX9, OX10, OX33, OX39, OX44, OX49, Benson: HP5-23, HP27, OX9, OX10
LS21, LS29, OL13–14, S36 Bingley: BB4, BB8–12, BB18, BD1-22, HD3–HD9, HX1–7
CA1-8, DG12, and DG16 for Carlisle
EX1–12, EX24, TQ1–6, TQ9, TQ12, and TQ14 at Exeter Airport
Libanus: SA9, NP4, NP11–13, NP22–24, NP44
Redesdale: CA9, DH8, NE19, NE47-49 Little Rissington: CV36, GL54-56, OX7, OX15-17, WR12 Llysdinam: LD1-2, LD4-8, SA19-20, SY7, SY9, SY18 

Rochdale: BL0–9, M24–26, OL1–12, OL15–16, SK15 Rostherne: CW4–11, M1–9, M11–23, M25, M27–35, M40–41, M43–46, M50, M90, PR7, SK1–12, SK14–SK16, WA1–16, WN1–8 Shap: CA10–12, CA16–17, Trawled: LL35-40, SY20, SY23-25, NN11-13, MK18
NN8-10, NN29, PE19, SG5-7, SG15-19, MK1-17, MK19, MK40-46, Woburn
Yeovilton: BA4–10, BA16, BS25–28, DT9–10, SP8, TA1–20, TA23 Eskdalemuir: DG14, TD9

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